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What is DFI.Money (YFII)?

DFI.Money is a Dicentralised financial lending platform. On the platform, assets can be deposited which are distributed to the best protocols. In this way, the platform ensures that maximum returns are achieved. The protocol comes from Yearn Finance, but after a disagreement it was decided to develop its own protocol based on its competitor.

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Financial lending platform

On the platform, assets can be deposited to earn returns.

DeFi platform

The DFI.Money platform is one Decentralized Financial (DeFi) platform.

YFII coin

By contributing to liquidity, YFII can be earned.

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Spending coins

YFII came online in 2020 at €153 per coin. The price already followed a rapid rise and managed to rise to €4,109 in a month. This was followed by a drop to €1,202 per coin.

Bull run

For YFII too, the bull run brought its benefits. For instance, the coine managed to reach its new all-time high of €4,691 per coin. The Bearmarket managed to bring the price down to €358. After this, the price climbed to an average of €1,000.

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