Live chat back online and more updates

Registrations opened!

Registration of new customers on Anycoin Direct has been reopened. These last few months we have been working vigorously on our backlog. Last week we were very happy to announce the fact that our backlog was finally cleared. Therefore it was time to reopen the registration on Anycoin Direct. New customers can sign up here:

Live chat opened!

To help our (new) customers as effectively as possible, we have activated the live chat again. If you have a question, you can open the live chat by clicking on the green ‘Help’ button in the bottom right corner. After submitting your question you can choose from the available guides or start a conversation with one of our agents. Through live chat, you can ask all kinds of questions regarding cryptocurrency. Our agents are happy to help you efficiently, adequately and most important directly. Just like our office hours, the live chat is available from 9AM till 10PM from Monday to Friday. During the weekend you can contact us from 10AM till 8PM.

Buy & sell limits

In addition we have also decided to adjust our minimum buy & sell limits. The €100 buy order minimum and €500 sell order minimum are no longer in effect. From now on the new minimum for buy orders will be €50,- and the minimum for sell orders has been adjusted to €200,-.

PayPal for selling

From now on, selling cryptocurrencies and having the money transferred to a PayPal account is not possible anymore. We have been communicating with PayPal for weeks after they suddenly shut down their service for us and they finally gave us an update on the matter. They have told us that we cannot use their service anymore because it is used for selling cryptocurrencies. It is unfortunate but we cannot do anything to change their decision.


As we speak, we are still training our agents so that we are optimally prepared for this year. Again we would like to thank our customers for their patience and the kind words that we received while we were working on our backlog. We invested heavily in training our new agents, because we want to give you customers the service that you deserve. Now that the backlog has been cleared we want to focus our efforts on improving our platform. Keep an eye on our social media channels and on our newsletter for any adjustments or updates. When we ever experience the same growth in such a short time again, we will be implementing some key measures sooner to prevent building up a large backlog.

As for 2018, it is going to be an interesting year with lots of new developments in the market. Next to that you can expect great news regarding our services. We are looking forward to it and like always, we will keep you updated on every step we take.

Kind regards,

Team Anycoin Direct