The privacy policy applies to anyone who visits the website or otherwise uses the services of Anycoin Direct.

1. Management

The website Anycoin Direct. is managed by Anycoin Direct. The contact information can be found at in the contact information section.

2. Visitor information

2a) Some information resulting from one or more visits to the website specified in section 1 will be saved; information that is not required for the services of Anycoin Direct will be made anonymous. Identifiable information required for the services of Anycoin Direct will be saved if necessary. The Personal Data Protection Act will be respected in this.

Anycoin Direct can use the information provided by the customer for a number of purposes, including the following:

  • 2b) Sending one or more e-mails such as, but not limited to, an e-mail containing log-in information.

  • 2c) The deliberate/incidental promotion of news related to the services of Anycoin Direct.

  • 2d) The deliberate/incidental sending of e-mails if this is necessary for further collaboration between the customer and Anycoin Direct.

  • 2e) The performance of the services requested by the customer as offered on the website referred to in section 1.

3. Cookies
  • 3a) Anycoin Direct uses cookies for making the functionality of certain pages of the website possible and optimizing these features.

  • 3b) Visitors can decide themselves how cookies are handled. He/she can configure his/her browser so that it allows, disallows or partially allows cookies. For the last case, it can be configured for which websites cookies are allowed.

  • 3c) Cookies can always be deleted from a computer in the browser options.

4. Security

The information provided to Anycoin Direct by the customer will be stored in a secured environment.

5. Sharing of data with third parties

Information provided to Anycoin Direct by the customer will in principle never be forwarded to third parties. There are, however, a number of exceptions to this rule:

  • 5a) When a legal order is issued to provide data.

  • 5b) In the event of fraud or undesired actions, the data may be presented to the relevant authorities.

6. Questions

Visitors can contact Anycoin Direct with any questions they may have about this privacy policy. The contact information is stated on the website mentioned in section 1 of this privacy policy.

Changes to customer data

The customer will at all times have the possibility of changing the provided data. Anycoin Direct may ask the customer to provide the change to Anycoin Direct in a template form, and in some cases ID must be verified.

8. Disclaimer

Anycoin Direct has the right to change the content of this privacy policy without notifying visitors. The implementation of the change on the website will be sufficient for this.

This webpage was last updated on 30-6-2014.