Upcoming Bitcoin hard fork Augustus 1st

We would hereby like to let you know the plans for upcoming weeks. As you might have heard the Bitcoin (BTC) network is being forked by a small part of the current Bitcoin community.

This user activated hard-fork will cause a split in the blockchain, which in short terms means the blockchain will split and go in separate ways on 1 August 12:20 UTC.

We recommend our customers not to send or receive BTC during the event.


Bitcoin BTC and Bitcoin Cash BCC

After this split all BTC tokens held on a wallet where you have access to your private keys will have the same amount of BCC tokens when using a BCC wallet with these private keys.

For Anycoin Direct this event means there is a new altcoin.

As all new altcoins to be added, Bitcoin Cash BCC should be reviewed thoroughly for technical and feasible possibilities. We will need to monitor the stability of the network and wallet before offering this altcoin to our customers.

For this reason we are not in a position to support BCC in the beginning, nor are we liable for any BCC sent to Anycoin Direct before this altcoin is added to our cryptocurrency exchange service.

Safety of our customers' transactions is our number one priority. Because of the prematurity and uncertainty of the chain split and the BCC wallet we will not offer this token from the beginning.

BCC tokens that are being sent to our BTC wallet therefore cannot be refunded.


During the event

As we do not hold wallets and funds for our customer there will be no direct effect for you.

During the event there will be a short period of time in which if you buy coins with Anycoin Direct they will get sent with a delay, and placing sell orders is disabled. This is of course clearly stated on our website during that time.


Anycoin Direct does not hold a favored position for the outcome of the event regarding the scaling issue. We want to offer the best service for our customers. We will follow the event closely and inform you regarding the situation.


All the best,

Anycoin Direct Team