What does HODL mean?

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The term HODL has a rather peculiar sound. When you learn the meaning of this acronym (pronounceable abbreviation) you may be somewhat surprised. After reading this lesson you will know exactly where it comes from and what the joke is all about.

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✔️ HODL means Hold on For Dear Life.

HODL is an abbreviation for Hold On for Dear Life. This terminology was actually made up for it later.

It so happens that in 2013, user GameKyuubi posted on the Bitcointalk forum a message with the title, "I AM HODLING." It is a very funny post, in which the writer uses rather colorful language and in which he explains that 'traders can only take your money if you sell'. In his own words, he had 'some' whiskey.

This post has now been read nearly a million times and now you can add a read to it. A mild suggestion is that you do the same. A piece of crypto history.

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Question: 1/5What is the acronym HODL an abbreviation for?
AHolo Ontology Dogecoin Litecoin
BHold On for Dear Life
CHolding On Despite Losses
DHold One Day Long