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What is Solana?

Solana (SOL) is a scalable blockchain network that aims to increase the scalability of decentralised networks. There are many different types of blockchains with different energy consumption, speed and security. Solana allows more than 50,000 transactions per second. This ensures fast transactions between individuals, fast-acting decentralised apps (dApps), and, of course, low transaction costs. Solana is therefore a blockchain on which many DeFi-related dApps are being developed.


The Solana Network also has a growing community of developers who are constantly working on new features and applications. For instance, The Solana Foundation is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and are putting their focus on further developing the network. The open source platform makes it easy for anyone to get involved in the project, whether they want to build their own apps or just contribute to the overall development of the technology.


All in all, the Solana Network quickly became one of the most popular platforms for blockchain development. Its scalability, security and innovative features make it an attractive choice for developers who want to create decentralised applications that offer better performance and user experience. With its advanced technology and growing community of developers, the Solana Network is a major player in the crypto community.

What consensus mechanism does Solana use?

The Solana Network uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate transactions and establish trust within the network. PoS is used instead of the traditional mining process, which can be costly and energy inefficient. This ensures faster transaction confirmations with lower costs.


The second consensus mechanism of the Solana Network is Proof-of-History (PoH) which is another important part of the Solana Network. It is used to connect blocks from different chains to improve scalability while maintaining data integrity. By using PoH, Solana can provide a secure platform for developers building applications on it.


The combination of PoS and PoH make Solana an attractive choice for developers looking to build applications with higher performance, scalability and security compared to other blockchain technologies.

What can you do with the Solana network?

Users can benefit from the Solana Network in several ways. They can use it to securely store data using a multi SIG wallet, settle payments via low-cost transactions, or develop their own decentralised applications (dApps).


Users also have access to a variety of user-friendly tools that simplify the process of creating and deploying dApps. For example, the Solana CLI (command-line interface), for building applications on the network is one of them.


Overall, Solana provides users with a secure platform for building decentralised applications with low cost, high performance and innovative features. With its advanced technology and growing community of developers, Solana is one of the most popular blockchain platforms today.

For What can Solana (SOL) coin be used for?

The Solana (SOL) coin is the proprietary token of the Solana Network and can be used for various purposes. It is used to pay transaction fees on the network, to incentivise validators who help maintain network security, and as an investment opportunity. SOL holders are also rewarded with strike rewards if they deploy their coins in wallets that support strike.


In addition, SOL can be used to buy goods and services from merchants that accept SOL as a means of payment. This includes any merchant or platform that has integrated Solana into its payment infrastructure.


What determines the SOL exchange rate?

The SOL rate can rise or fall in value due to supply and demand for the coin on the open market. It is also influenced by factors such as news about Solana, which can affect investor confidence, and trading volume.


Also, the SOL rate often moves with the market. When other prices rise, SOl often tends to rise with them or fall with them when the market is falling. This is not to say that this is always the case, for instance, the price can deviate from the rest due to news or low trading volume.


As with any cryptocurrency, investors should be careful when buying or selling SOL to ensure they get a fair price at the right SOL rate. They should also consider doing their own research on the project before investing in it this way you avoid losing the deposit.

How much Solana is in circulation?

At the time of writing, there is 366 billion in circulation which could rise to 571 Billion coins. Until the 571 billion coins are reached, coins are constantly being added as rewards for staking Solana. Solana's market capitalisation is determined by the current price that is determined by the trading volume. The number of issued coins in circulation also plays a big role in the market capitalisation.

Historic ROI
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Price (Month)
Solana Market
€65.1 Billion
464 Million
Volume 24h
€2.4 Billion

Since 2019

Solana was originally released in April 2019 and started trading at less than $1 per coin.

Transaction speed

The Solana network currently supports more than 50,000 transactions per second.


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More about Solana

The Solana token sale

The Solana token sale started on March 24, 2020 with a purchase price of $0.22 cents per SOL. The token sale initially sold out for only 88%, but early adopters of the Solana ecosystem have seen massive increases in the value of SOL tokens in the years that followed.

Historical Solana price

Solana has been on a roll since its launch in 2020. With a peak of €224 in November 2021, the project has reached a historic milestone. Since then, Solana has been one of the most widely used and best-known blockchains in the market.

Altcoin fund and DeFi developments

In March 2022, asset manager Grayscale announced an alt-coin fund. In it, 24% went to Solana, boosting the Solana price.

Several collaborations with DeFi were also announced. These included a collaboration with the hugely popular game PUBG, and Block Tackle announced it would develop a Solana NFT skate game. All the good news caused the Solana share price to rise from €72.20 to €124.72 euros.

Collaboration with Google, digital euro and their own Android phone

Just before the FTX bankruptcy, Solana announced several collaborations at Solana's own conference called "Solana Breakpoint". For instance, Solana announced to partner with Google to further develop Google Cloud. Solana also announced to team up with Helium to launch its own Android phone in early 2023.

The last announcement came out that crypto-payment company Circle will release their euro Stablecoin on the Solana network. All the news together caused the Solana share price to rise from €32 to €35.

FTX bankruptcy hits Solana the hardest

The relationship between Solana and FTX began back in October 2020 when the two companies announced a partnership. The aim of this partnership was to create an ecosystem to facilitate cross-chain trading with Solana coins. This partnership allowed users on both platforms to access enhanced liquidity across multiple coins without having to switch exchanges.

This partnership was incredibly beneficial for Solana, as it gave its users access to additional liquidity on FTX. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy of FTX affected the Solana share price. As a result, Solana's share price has rebounded, and it will take some time for Solana to recover from this setback. However, many investors remain optimistic about Solana's future potential, and believe that the project will eventually be able to regain its former course.

It is important to note that Solana is an independent project with strong fundamentals and a talented team behind it. Although the fall of FTX has damaged the Solana share price in the short term, in the long term it is expected that the Solana share price will continue to grow as the team further develops its technology and finds new users.

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