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What is 0x?

0x is a decentralized exchange protocol (DEX-protocol) that facilitates peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. While the whole DEX was running and working with Ethereum only, in the early days of the 0x-Project, it expanded their reach by including Ethereum-compatible blockchains and Layer-2 solutions. Sidenote: A DEX is an exchange where traders do not have to rely on a centralized market maker to facilitate the trades; it can all be done p2p with 0x.

Currently 0x works what we call interoperable on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Celo and the Layer-2s Optimism and Arbitrum. The trend of interoperability comes with the use of cross-chain bridges or other interoperability solutions.

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How does 0x work?

The decentralized trading, which is offered by 0x, is based on a so called off-chain relay, which we will also cover in more detail later. It basically keeps the network bloat minimized and gas prices as low as possible, by "outsourcing" (relaying) processes off the actual blockchain.

Most of us can visualize the network congestions leading to gas-fees in the range of at least two large pizzas (as a scale), so you probably can imagine how useful such a off-chain relay can be.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, probably never had to use the Ethereum Blockchain for transactions. So here's a little explanation:

Most of decentralized exchange functionality comes from utilizing smart contracts in order not to use a middle man, which could be also a decentralised exchange in our case. So the user keeps control over their own assets by keeping the private keys.

Using a smart contract implies, that the transaction is excecuted on the blockchain for every single action which is made on the exchange. That includes deposits and withdrawals, as well as placing, modifying, cancelling or filling orders. All of which consume computing power and thus gas-fees.

Just think about how many of those activities a trader would do per day, multiplied by the amount of total traders which use the DEX. On the other hand, a centralized exchange (CEX), doesn't have this problem, since their services focus on speed instead of decentralisation and the inherent security of a blockchain. This means, that the DEXes have, until now, a cost advantage since the only real transactions they have to facilitate are taking place while someone is withdrawing crypto. The rest could just made up numbers on a screen, relating to the investments of the user.

In the following step-by-step guide we will explain how you can buy ZRX

Is it possible to use PayPal to buy ZRX Token? Yes!

Buying ZRX is very easy and secure these days.

  • Step 1: Sign up
    Create a free Anycoin account so that you can buy ZRX with PayPal.

  • Step 2: Deposit euros and select payment method
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  • Step 3: Buy ZRX securely with Anycoin
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Additional information about ZRX and how to purchase ZRX

Can I buy ZRX with PayPal?

Yes, you can buy at Anycoin Direct ZRX with PayPal. You can also pay with credit card (VISA, MasterCard), SEPA, Sofort and EPS bank transfer.

The advantages of PayPal when buying ZRX

The PayPal platform is simple and fast. It is very easy to carry out transactions with just a few clicks. If you want to instantly buy ZRX with PayPal, you don't have to enter your bank details every time. Therefore, money transfers with PayPal are completed within a few moments. In addition, PayPal has been around for 25 years and is one of the largest payment methods in the world. Anycoin Direct allows you to buy ZRX with PayPal.

Can I deposit my ZRX into my PayPal account?

No. It is not possible to deposit ZRX directly into your personal PayPal wallet.

Storing ZRX

Provide us with your ZRX wallet address, while buying ZRX and we will send it to your wallet. Other than that you can store ZRX in the Anycoin Vault.

In the Vault you can easily and securely store, exchange, sell or buy your crypto. This is because Anycoin Direct uses cold-storage, which makes it extra secure. When you use the Anycoin Vault, you pay fewer transaction fees, your cryptocurrencies are stored securely and you can easily and quickly trade between cryptocurrencies.

Can I only buy whole ZRX ?

No, as with Bitcoin holdings, you can only buy a fraction of a ZRX token.This means you don't have to buy a whole ZRX , but can opt for 0.1 ZRX , for example. With Anycoin Direct, you can trade for as little as €10.

Is it safe to buy ZRX ?

Yes, its safe to buy ZRX Coins at Anycoin Direct because we have advanced security techniques and are officially licensed by BaFin. Buy ZRX safely with us with a wide range of payment options.

Is ZRX legal in Europe?

Yes, ZRX is legal in Europe. You don't have to worry about the legality of buying ZRX .

Do you have to pay taxes on your cryptos?

Germany has some of the friendliest crypto tax regimes in the world. If you hold cryptocurrencies in Germany after one year and then sell them, it's completely tax-free. Additionally, you won't be taxed if you have less than €600 in short-term capital gains.

You only have to pay tax if your short-term capital gains are more than €600 per year or if you earn income from cryptocurrencies.

Can I buy ZRX anonymously at Anycoin Direct?

No, identification is mandatory for all our customers. We are obliged to carry out a thorough customer check. This is done according to the “know your customer” (KYC) principle.

Can I carry out a business transaction with Anycoin Direct?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is select that it is a business account when registering and you can safely add cryptocurrencies to your crypto assets portfolio.

The 0x Relayer

A so called "relayer" like 0x is, focuses on enabling decentralised trading of tokens through off-chain order books and on-chain settlement.

These relayers broadcast the orders placed across the public or private order books, as well as bringing liquidity to the networks by hosting the order books. That means, that it connects buyers and sellers off-chain and executes the trade on-chain with both parties private key signatures.

Order Books

A order book is basically a ledger that records the interests of buyers and sellers in a particular asset. It includes:

  • Buy Orders (Bids): Indicating how much of an asset a buyer wants to purchase and the price they are willing to pay for it.

  • Sell Orders (Asks): Indicating how much of an asset a seller wants to sell and the price they are willing to accept for it.

On the 0x, the order book works with the user's order creation, such as bids and asks, which include the asset type, amount, price and expiration time. Each order then is cryptographically signed by the user's private key to ensure authenticity and prevent tampering.

While this function is similar to an exchange, the relayers differ from it simply by being unable to provide the execution, which is taking place on the blockchain itself. So the relayer is basically like bulletin board providing information of the price makers orders to the whole network.

The second step in the 0x protocol, as a relayer, is hosting the actual order books for each asset by collecting the bids and asks, store them and broadcast it to potential traders. Again, the execution of the trades themselves is taking place on the blockchain directly, utilizing the blockchains security.

Also by taking workload off the blockchain, for actions which do not handle the settlement of a transaction (where security is essential) the blockchain is not clogged by "unworthy" actions by traders. The result is, overall reduced number of transactions on the blockchain leading to lower gas fees for everyone.

At settlement on the blockchain itself (e.g. Ethereum) the 0x smart contracts verifies the signatures (of both price-maker and price-taker) and order details on-chain. If everything is valid, it executes the trade, swapping the assets between the parties involved on-chain.

What is Off-Chain relaying?

For a better understanding of off-chain relaying we will take a look on to the different players involved in the off-chain relaying process. The 0x Protocol is a set of Ethereum smart contracts that enable hybrid off-chain order book management and on-chain settlement.

  • Users:
    The users, especially the price makers (with bids and asks) can create orders off-chain and then broadcast them directly to a taker via the marketplace created by a relayer, or directly to a takers specific adress.

  • dApps
    DApps can leverage 0x Smart Contracts to facilitate the exchange of tokens within their applications. Here the price takers are the key players.

  • Relayers:
    The relayers maintain a off-chain orderbook for each trading pair (e.g. SHIB/ETH, ETH/USDT). Here the relayers sign the transactions and submit them to the actual blockchain for settlment.

  • 0x Protocol:
    0x is made up of open source Ethereum Smart Contracts, controlled by the 0x Team until a decentralized governance system is created. Those smart contracts run on the blockchain itself.

  • Underlying Blockchain:
    Mostly running on Ethereum, the nodes of Ethereum are participating as the only instances of blockchain in the off-chain relaying process in order to settle the transactions and add them onto the ledger.

Additional 0x Relayer Functions

In addition to the basic decentralised exchange, the 0x project includes several other features and products. These include a governance mechanism, open source smart contracts and a token registry.

0x Governance
In addition to being used to compensate intermediaries, the ZRX token is also used to facilitate the decentralised governance of the 0x platform. Stakeholders of the ZRX token can vote on proposals that affect the blockchain, thereby influencing the future development of the 0x protocol.

0x Update Structure
A major benefit of 0x is that the smart contracts are open source and the protocol itself is application agnostic.

This means that any developer can build on top of 0x to create an exchange function, allowing the protocol to serve as a plug-in for other Ethereum dApps. There are already a number of projects built on top of 0x, including Publish0x, Augur, Gnosis, district0x and more.

0x itself went a step further and released the 0x Launch Kit, which enales anyone to launch their own exchange or marketplace within minutes. The Launch Kit takes away the hurdles of programming a relayer. The code allows any user to connect wallets, wrap ETH, make and take orders and receive notifications if changes of the orders take place.

0x Token registry

Furthermore 0x includes a smart-contract for registering new tokens, which also stores a list of selected ERC-20 tokens and their respective metadata, such as:

  • token name

  • symbol/ ticker

  • contract adress, etc.

Its called the official on-chain reference, which can be used in order to verify adresses and exchange rates.

It was also used to create the 0x Asset Swapper and related 0x Instant. The Asset Swapper allows any digital asset to be exchanged in a programmable manner. This was the basis for 0x Instant, which allows anyone to offer simple crypto purchases as a widget on any website.

The ZRX Token

The 0x team held an ICO in August 2017, selling 500 million ZRX tokens for $0.07 each and raising $24 million in just 24 hours and 10 minutes.

 This one-of-a kind ICO was in a way really interesting, since the team did not market their ICO, and at the start of the Token-Sale there was a buying cap, where users could only purchase 6.77 ETH worth of ZRX-Token (worth $1,893 at that time). This mechanism was put into place, that a widespread user base was established from the start, with the additional effect, that no whales could manipulate the prices in the future. Of course they could have been using serveral wallets to purchase even more than the cap, but usually this hurdle is not taken by all whales.

The sales team then concluded, that there were areound 13,000 Ethereum adresses owning ZRX-Tokens.

 Interestingly the ZRX-Tokens All-Time-Low was around $0.10 in August 2017, the day its ICO ended, which means, that even the ATL, was 50% higher than the ICO-price.


0x Roadmap

Governance and Community Structure:

  • 0x DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): Empowering community governance through a structured framework.

  • 0x Protocol Treasury: Managing funds to support ongoing development and community initiatives.

  • 0x Protocol Constitution: Establishing fundamental principles and guidelines for protocol governance.

  • Governance Portal: Enabling token holders to vote on key proposals and changes within the 0x ecosystem.

Resources and Communication:

  • 0x Protocol Website: Central hub for all things 0x, including updates, resources, and community links.

  • 0x Protocol Blog: Regular updates on development progress, new features, and community news.

  • 0x Protocol Documentation: Comprehensive guides and documentation to support developers and users of the protocol.

  • 0x Protocol Grants: Financial support for projects that contribute to the 0x ecosystem.

Security and Oversight:

  • 0x Protocol Security Council: A group tasked with maintaining the integrity and security of the protocol.

  • On-chain Governance: Mechanisms in place to ensure transparent and secure decision-making processes.

Future Projects and Features for 0x Developers:

  • Larger Protocol Upgrades: Ongoing development aimed at enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the protocol.

  • 0x Improvement Proposals (ZEIPs): Community-driven proposals to introduce new features or improvements.

Innovative Network Solutions:

  • 0x Mesh & Networked Liquidity: A decentralized network facilitating order sharing, providing an alternative to traditional relayer APIs.

  • Research on Coordinators: Innovations in trade execution, combining the benefits of Order Matching with an Open Orderbook.

Protocol Development:

  • Launch of 0x Protocol v3.0: Featuring the first implementation of 0x staking, currently being tested on the Kovan testnet.

Community Engagement:

  • 0x Protocol Voters: Active community members who participate in governance and decision-making.

  • Communication Channels: Updates shared through official blogs, documentation, and direct community engagement platforms.

Partnerships of 0x

The 0x protocol has formed several strategic partnerships with the aim of enhancing its ecosystem and capabilities. One notable partnership is with Coinbase NFT, which has been significant for the protocol as it has helped to increase the value of the ZRX token.

Besides Coinbase NFT there are of course some more partnerships, which use the technology provided by the 0x-protocol worth mentioning:

  • Robinhood: Robinhood Wallet uses 0x's Tx Relay API on Polygon and Ethereum to facilitate user transactions, marking a significant partnership for 0x

  • Polygon: 0x has integrations across Polygon Wallet, enhancing the availability of its DEX services on this platform

  • MetaMask: Swaps in MetaMask are powered by 0x's Swap API, indicating a partnership that integrates 0x's liquidity solutions into MetaMask's offerings​ ​

  • Brave: Brave Wallet uses the 0x API, which is part of their strategy to make crypto and DeFi more accessible to users

  • Matcha: Matcha is a decentralized exchange created by the 0x team itself and is deeply integrated with 0x’s infrastructure

  • Phantom: Phantom also uses 0x's EVM swapper to power its operations, integrating 0x's technology into its wallet solutions​

  • dYdX, Zapper: These platforms are mentioned as part of the broad integrations that 0x has across top wallets and apps, which likely include using 0x's APIs for liquidity and trading functions

dApps - Products

With the help of the 0x API, the outstanding project of 0x, the partners can make use of aggregated liquidity coming from several DEXes at the same time, connecting buyers and sellers overcoming the "borders" of various blockchains. Interoperability is the keyword here. One of the aforementioned Partners, Matcha, is already utilizing the 0x protocol for exactly this usecase.

Furthermore, 0x itself provides a couple of dApps as well. Namely:

  • 0x API, which is already in used by partners like Matcha , providing liquidity from various decentralised exchanges (DEXs), making it easy for developers to implement token trading functionality on their own applications

  • ZRX Portal, is a dApp used for staking and governance for 0x, where ZRX Holders can stake their tokens in order to earn ZRX tokens and participate in governance decisions.

  • 0x Mesh, is a peer-to-peer network for sharing orders across the whole 0x ecosystem, halping to improve networked liquidity without relying on traditional relayers.

API of 0x - The Heart of 0x

After understanding the usecase of 0x protocol we will take a look at the already mentioned API of 0x. The key here is to facilitate seamless and efficient interactions with the Ethereum blockchain for DEX-services. The features it brings are basically these:

  1. Liquidity Aggregation: Several sources are covered in the 0x APIs liqudity aggregation, including 0x Mesh, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve etc. This decreases the slippage due to the fact, that developers and users can access deeper liquidity pools and thus receving better prices.

  2. Smart Order Routing: The 0x API with its feature of Smart Order Routing, can be imagined like finding the fastest path on Google Maps. This ensures that trades are executed at the best possible rates, optimizing for price, speed and liquidity.

  3. Simplified Integration: Like mentioned before, this feature, is designed for the ease of use of the 0x API, which allows developers to integrate DEX fucntionality into any application without any deep knowledge of the subject of blockchain

  4. Gas and Price optimization: With the aforementioned functions, we end up with another feature, adding up to the saving one makes when using the 0x API. In this case the optimizations are utilized to decrease the gas-fees and the price optimization (lower slippage due to higher liquidity).

  5. Various Asset Coverage: Due to the fact, that a lot of ERC-20 Tokens and other Ethereum Network asset types can be traded with the help of the 0x API, it makes life easy for developers in interacting with a wide range of assets.

  6. Endpoint Functionality: The API offering various endpoints can be used for:

    1. Price Quotes: For Price Takers and Price Givers for the set amounts

    2. Swapping Tokens: until now only for Ethereum based tokens

    3. Meta-Transactions: making it possible for "sponsored" transactions, where the users do not have to pay gas-fees, which is great for user-experience.

  7. Developer Support: comprehensive documentation including setup guides, example code, and detailed descriptions of each endpoint and parameter. Proving to be invaluable for developers, which might want to build or enhance their dApps.

Income Model Source

After all, the project of course has set up a income model in order to keep the lights on. There are various income streams for the 0x-Protocol, which are designed to sustain the ecosystem and incentivize their participants effectively.

  1. Protocol Fees: if the execution of the trade takes place through the protocol, users can save money on gas fees and slippage, but have to pay a trading fee to 0x. Its a win-win for both users and the protocol.

  2. Staking rewards, for staked ZRX tokens. The rewards come from protocol fees collected from executed trades. Stakers help in governance and also provide liquidity, which is critical for the functioning of the 0x protocol.

  3. API usage fees, for businesses and developers that make use of the 0x API.

  4. Grants and funding, through the 0x grant program, to fund projects that contribute to their ecosystem.

  5. Governance, which is not a direct income source but the DAO voters could change the fee structure in order to generate more profit, at least in a simple supply and demand methodology.

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