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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard fork of Bitcoin and tries to be a peer-to-peer money system with high speed, privacy, and low transaction costs. Bitcoin Cash is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin with transaction fees at an average of $0,01.


In 2015, the block size wars started among the Bitcoin community. It started out as a technical argument, but quickly turned into a political one with the following leading question: “How many megabytes (MB) should be in a block?” Discussions were about block size, while Satoshi initially had set no limit on this block size. When the Bitcoin blocks were filled, the discussion started. The higher the MB’s, the fewer people can run a node. This is due to the data needed to store all blocks. A debate arose between the 'big blockers' & the 'small blockers'. Small blockers thought that the base layer should remain 1MB with any side layers.


It started with Bitcoin XT. This one has not found a consensus among the miners. Bitcoin Unlimited has not found a consensus either. Since this consensus was not found, a competitor to Bitcoin was conceived. These have been called into the world by means of 'Hardforks'. In August 2017, the large blockers made a Hard fork: it had a shared history with Bitcoin but was a completely new coin fork with a new future. Everyone who had BTC got Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin cash has a block size of 32 MB. Next came Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV). This is a hard fork of BCH with 128 MB of block size. Both hard forks are big blocker chains.

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Since 2017

Bitcoin cash launched in 2017, as a hard fork of Bitcoin


Bitcoin Cash has been distributed on a 1-to-1 basis to Bitcoin holders

Number of Bitcoin cash tokens

The maximum amount of Bitcoin Cash is limited to 21 million, just like Bitcoin

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A couple of weeks after the hard fork, whereby all Bitcoin holders were credited with as much Bitcoin Cash as they had Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin Cash decreased from $415 to $220. In the months after the hard fork, Bitcoin cash slowly came in an uptrend and the price soared.

All-time high

Bitcoin Cash reached its all-time high during the bull market of 2018. At the peak, 1 BCH was exchanged for around $3000,-. In the years after this bull market, Bitcoin cash decreased heavily in value, just like the whole crypto market. During this bear market, the price reached a low of $77,- and stayed around this price level for some time. When the bull market of 2021 peaked, Bitcoin Cash traded at around $1450,-.

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