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Book Of Meme is a memecoin from the Solana ecosystem. It aims to create a decentralized storage and library for memes. The digital crypto book, Book of Memes, is to immortalize memes on the blockchain. They want to do this through an IPFS (Inter Planetary File System), namely Arweave. This should include the $BOME memecoin on Solana.

It is an experimental project that aims to transform Web3 culture and unify, rather than divide, meme communities. A new dimension of decentralized social media will rise up in the process and make memes "unstoppable." All memes, as digital assets, could eventually have their first and also last resting place here. For ever and ever, amen.


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Additional information about BOOK OF MEME (BOME)

Who is behind BOOK OF MEME?

Darkfarms (@Darkfarms1) is the 2021 Twitter account of an artist who calls himself an art producer and doodle master. Whether by doodle master he means he is a master of glow art or something else we will leave in the dark. In any case, he creates crypto-art and sells it as NFT.

He Twittered for a while to showcase his artwork with an accompanying piece of text, in which he also connected with Beeple, a fairly well-known NFT artist. Darkfarms' art can be described as retro comic book style, with still and moving GIFs.

The launch of BOOK OF MEME

It is quiet for a while after that, during which he has probably been brooding on his idea. March 12, 2024: presale on Solana. March 13, the announcement of a Telegram group takes place: BOOK OF MEME. Mid-March BOME is listed on Binance, Poloniex, Bybit, Raydium and many other exchanges.

Since then, the Bome exchange rate has exploded in both price and huge trade volumes. It's the well-known principle of memecoins. First build a community (on Twitter, for example) with followers, then launch a meme coin and make it popular.

The website of BOOK OF MEME

Retro is still too much to say for this website! This is pre Wordpress! It consists purely of text and some links. There are also some non-working images on it that come from an IPFS.

What is quite funny is that you can create your own images in retro style by simply uploading an image from your computer which is then instant retro generated. So you can create your own NFT on its DF1 Meme Enhancer.

There is also a GAMEOFBTC show, where he presents this retro game as a future part of his project immortalized on his blockchain.

The total looks like it was set up just as quickly. Work in progress, shall we say.


In total, there will be 69,000,000,420 tokens as circulating offerings. Those 420 may refer to cannabis culture or be a tenfold increase in the number 42 (Hitchhiker's guide to he galaxy). Knowing Darkfarms, it won't be a coincidence. We're betting on the last.

50% of the tokens were sold at the presale. 30% went into liquidity pools. 20% go to the community, these will be locked for three months. As you can see, Darkfarms doesn't keep a single token. Although it must be said that of course he already sold half of the coins at the presale.

It can now be found on page 2 of CoinGecko after a super-fast rise. This cryptocurrency could well become a regular top 100 customer.

The popularity of BOME

Meme tokens started on Solana have been very popular for some time. This also partly explains the rise of Solana. BOME is part of successful coins like BONK, WIF and SLERF, which seem to be constantly in the meme news. It seems like all you have to do is create a memecoin on Solana and success is guaranteed.

Often a memecoin is first launched on a DEX. Solana's ecosystem has some very successful ones of these as well, such as Raydium and Jupiter. Once a memecoin goes like a rocket here, the centralized reliable exchange automatically follows suit with a place on the list and a big increase in the meme price.

BOME actually has a special idea that normally belongs to serious coins. Although the first thing they need to do is hire an experienced website administrator and content writer to professionalize things and get the show on the road and working. Until then, it's basically a normal memecoin.

Meme coins in the bull market

Another aspect is the increasing interest in memecoins in a bull market. Then rather inexperienced traders enter the market and they like to have a lot of coins, who knows if this one will be worth 1 cent, then I'll be rich, that principle.

BOOK OF MEME prediction

Frankly, this is difficult to assess. It could go either way. A few things do speak in favor of this cryptocurrency.

For example, he launched on Solana, and memecoins from this ecosystem are on the rise. Furthermore, Darkfarms first built up a bevy of followers before launching this coin. There is already a whole community behind it on social media, which is usually a sign that interest can grow quickly. If Darkfarms continues to promote this coin on Twitter/X, this is a good sign.

Also remember that within two weeks this crypto is already in the top 200 and not many coins can say that. The more often they appear in the crypto news, the faster this "fairy tale" becomes known.

If Book of Memes gets serious about its digital book and starts immortalizing memes on the blockchain, they could very well compete with top meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. If so, buying Book of Meme might be a good idea. The latest Book hasn't been written about this yet.

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