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What is dogwifhat?

dogwifhat is a 2023 memecoin. The meme consists of an image of a dog wearing a hat or cap, according to their website "I mean bro, it's literally a dog wif a hat," which keeps running through the image like a banner.

In the introduction on their website, they have crossed out all technical specifications and forward-looking speculations, leaving only the words "literally just a dog wif a hat," which is not crossed out and is thus the only true claim.

From the looks of it, they don't take themselves very seriously there. This is an anonymous team that no longer has its own coins.

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Additional information about dogwifhat (WIF)

The website of dogwifhat

The introduction is followed by a picture of a dog wearing a hat. If you take off his hat with the mouse, you can see that "secretly" a young Shiba Inu dog is hidden under it. So it is more or less the same meme as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

Then you can watch a clip where dogs with hats, and $WIF (the ticker symbol) are pounding through the image, while some music is playing. From the looks of it, it's some kind of scene from a real time gun battle game.

To add to the revelry, the creators added another statement:

"Be FR FR I'm so serious."

After which they proceed merrily with a rapper claiming that the dog wif hat owns a Glock with visual support for this claim.

And then someone comes out with a bold statement: Barzani, the president of Kurdistan, will introduce dogwifhat $WIF as the national currency. At least, if I understood correctly. He has a rather indistinct voice. The reliability of this statement remains to be seen.

You get to see where you can all buy the coin, touting their own website as the best option, with Solana and Ethereum as second and third choices.

Then it's time for some entertainment again, and a "bro" comes on to make fun of the idea of a dog wearing a hat.

The last jokes come from pictures of different hats on this dog, like in space or in a hero game with sword. From a "REAL AF" they get 5 stars and from a "FAKE AF" NOHATTER they get 1 star with the statement "I don't get it".

The bouncer is a WIF-hat generator that will be added soon.

It is fair to say that this website is designed purely for entertainment and the whole thing seems amateurish, as is more often the case with memecoins.

Popularity of dogwifhat

dogwifhat didn't just fall out of the sky. It has become ever so slightly more popular, in part because of advertising campaigns on billboards, buses and the like.

Beeple, a famous artist who sold an NFT artwork for about $70 million, has also dabbled in meme creation. Last 24 hours, he created "The garden of earthly memes," a reference to the Garden of Eden. A number of now famous memes, including dogwifhat, dwell there among the people from this garden.

On Twitter, dogwifhat is trending more often, with all kinds of big companies and famous people making a little quip, such as Forbes, for example, with its famous F logo wearing a hat.

Because this coin is mentioned more often on even serious news sites like Bloomberg, it is getting very high profile, yet more ways in which popularity is generated.

Of course, all jokes are played on the meme, such as on St. Patricks day, when he gets an official St. Patricks hat on his head. LeBron James wore an identical hat to the dog's during one of his outings.

Many influencers have already shilled, or advertised, $WIF.

On tap is another projection on the Sphere in Las Vegas of this meme, for which the community plunked down $700k during the "Sphere with hat" crowdfunding. The Sphere is one of the largest entertainment arenas in the world.

This is a typical storycoin, where the story becomes more and more alive and a community develops around the meme. It gets more and more elaborate and meme coin love develops.

They have also built a community in Telegram with around 20,000 members so far.

$WIF tokenomics

In total, there are "only" 1 billion coins, all of which are already on the market. So dilution by more coins on the market is impossible. For a memecoin, these are low numbers.

The coin has risen from less than half a cent to nearly 3 euros since late 2023, after listing on Binance in March 2024. The coin is gaining rapidly in popularity and price.

It launched on the Solana blockchain, where an increasing number of popular memecoins have found their home.

Because the makers themselves no longer have coins, confidence in market forces has increased firmly.

Prediction dogwifhat

It seems that this cryptocurrency has gained enough popularity to take a permanent place among the other popular memecoins like Dogecoin and Pepe. Nevertheless, investing in memecoins always carries a high risk.

Memecoins can go very hard either way. Given the bull market in the past, memecoins may be doing better than the rest of the crypto market at that time, but it is still guessing.

If we see that there is more than enough hype around the coin and more frequent use of all kinds of advertisements or influencers to increase its popularity, there may be a rally between memecoins with the highest-ranking memecoin at stake. In that case, there may still be a lot of stretch in dogwifhat.

Those who can handle the stresses of insane volatility might want to give this coin a try. If not, you can always relax investing in established cryptocurrencies, which show a lot less volatility.

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