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What is Enjin ?

The Enjin coin operates on the Ethereum network and with their Enjin network is targeted at the gaming community as enterprise use cases. For instance, the Enjin platform is used for buying NFTs as buying items for in-game. The Enjin network has already brought together more than 20 million gamers and serves as an intermediate network for different games. For example, the network ensures that all items collected in-game are converted into ECR-1155 tokens, allowing gamers to take their items to other games or sell them to collectors.

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3.0 blockchain

By working with a main blockchain to which various miniblockchains can be attached. The system is very similar to the 3.0 blockchain.

raised 200 million

Polkadot has already managed to raise 200 million during two investment rounds. This will allow them to develop further to compete with Ethereum.


Polkadot wants to play a big role in DeFi projects in the future. For example, Polkadot already has 4 million worth of DeFi.

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More about the Enjin price

First year

When Enjin came out in 2017, the price stood at €0.02 which followed with a sharp rise a month later. The rise was caused as the Enjin coin reached €0.03 and more and more investors got involved in the coin. Enjin rose by 1,850% to €0.43 which followed with a sharp drop of 60% to €0.16.


A huge bullrun occurred in 2021 which also benefited Enjin. Thus, the price rose to €3.39 after which a correction to €0.44 soon followed.

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