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What is Litentry?

Litentry (LIT) is a cross-chain identity aggregator, which allows you to collect and manage decentralized IDs or DIDs (decentralized identities) on different blockchains. The idea of Litentry is to solve identity problems. Users have an app that gives them all a unique ID that can be shared with other platforms.

The Litentry Token (LIT) was launched in January/February 2017 through an ICO. A total of $4,432,222 was raised through this ICO. The Litentry network uses LIT as native utility tokens, which has several applications. Users can use the token to pay fees, stake or use as collateral. Litentry is built on Substrate, an open-source framework that allows projects to quickly build highly customized blockchains. Litentry's blockchain technology allows users' identities to be managed on Polkadot's various blockchains by forming a parachain of Polkadot since June 2021.

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Since 2017

The LIT token has been in circulation since the 2017 ICO


The Litentry platform can be used as an authenticator for various (d)Apps.

Number of tokens

The maximum number of Litentry tokens (LIT) is set at 100,000,000.

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After the ICO in early 2017, Litentry launched. Finally, the coin entered the market in early 2021 with an opening price of $4.33. After this, it reached its all-time high of $14.66 within a few days on Feb. 16, 2021. A major influence was probably the release on the Binance exchange. Several months later, in April, it almost managed to go through the All-time high, but peaked at just below $13. LIT token has not touched the $10 line since then and has been below $2 for a long period now.


Since June 2022, Litentry has been part of Polkadot's parachain network. With this, Litentry has gained greater scalability and Litentry's functionalities can be used on several of Polkadot's blockchains.

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