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What is Myria?

Myria is a layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum. It is a ERC-20 token which relies on Ethereum for robustness and security, but relies on Ethereum for scalability and affordability on its own.

Myria claims instant confirmation of a transaction, no gas fees at all and tremendous scalability without losing sight of security.

Because of their connection to Ethereum, Myria also has access to the vast network and users on the Ethereum blockchain.

They use zk-roll ups and say they can handle 9000 transactions per second without gas fees with these rollups.

This crypto platform is also made for developers. It comes with an SDK (Software Development Kit), a kind of block box that you can choose to work with. This allows you to assemble and offer a product of your choice to users in a fairly short time, without technical skills.

It is a 2023 platform, although they were already developing it in 2022.

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Additional information about Myria (MYRIA)

What is Myria used for?

You can use it to coin and distribute an NFT collection, possibly via airdrop. The usual processes like pre-mint, marketplace and finally arrival in (Myria) wallets is also possible on this platform.

Another possibility is to create games on Myria. In such a game, you can take advantage of their NFT capabilities. Games like Space Falcon, Cricket360, Metarush and Nitro League have already been created there.

How do you start a project on Myria?

If you want to build a project from the ground up, you've come to the right place at Myria. You will be taken step by step on how to get such a thing done. Whether it's a new project, a collection of NFTs, a smart contract or metadata, everything is explained to you in the simplest way possible.

Samples are also offered, so you can possibly choose from their SDK and integrate it into your project.

One of the main use cases is to mint an ERC-721 token. This is an NFT from the stable of Ethereum. It is therefore usable on both platforms.

To make it even easier, they have also developed a testnet, so creators can first test whether their product on Myria works as it should before putting it live on the mainnet. You can also test on an Ethereum testnet.

Still, you have to take quite a lot of steps to use all the functionalities of their product, although then every single step is simple and well explained. Basic knowledge of Javascript and Typescript are required in some cases, though.

Our conclusion is that you can make it as difficult or easy as you want. The more features you want to have, the more you should delve into this platform.

Myria ecosystem

With 2 million player wallets, thousands of developers, tenfold transaction speed and 96% reduction in development costs, this is a very useful and promising platform. On social media, they are well represented with over 300K users.

Millions of NFTs have already been coined through this platform, 1 million unique users, more than 250 (Web3) games work with Myria. On their marketplace you can buy all kinds of NFTs.

Tokenomics $MYRIA

Maximum number of tokens is 50 billion. Of these, about 17.5 billion are on the market at the time of writing. Market capitalization is still only around 170 million. Highest price of this coin was 1.5 cents.

Distribution: 40% for supporting the ecosystem, 36% for nodes, 19% for project development, 3% for liquidity and 2% as a strategic reserve.

The tokens are distributed gradually. The ecosystem gets its tokens over the course of 36 months, project development in 48 months, nodes get tokens based on a halving schedule and the rest are released immediately. So the dilution in the first few years is something to take into account.

The team behind Myria

This platform was built by gaming veterans and visionaries, including from Blizzard Entertainment, Facebook, Ubisoft, Activision and Gameloft.

They built Myria Studios to build top games that perform well.

Prediction Myria

Myria is a fairly new platform, but it already has quite an ecosystem and a large user base and social media coverage.

When it comes to launching games or NFTs coins and sells through their marketplace, by the looks of it, there is already a lot of confidence in this network.

The Myria exchange rate certainly has a lot of potential and growth opportunities. Nothing is certain in the world of cryptocurrencies. Perhaps Myria will become the platform for Web3 games and NFTs. If that is the case it will certainly be reflected in the price and their spot in CoinGecko's list.

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