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What is Phala network (PHA)?

Phala network (PHA) is a Smart Contract network that works on several chains. The purpose of the Phala network is to keep data hidden so that the trading position or personal data of a person or company is not visible.

By using a hybrid application of Trusted Exectution Environment (TEE), a code can be applied in a shielded environment also known as an 'Enclave'.

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€92.1 Million
730 Million
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€5.7 Million

Smart contract

The Phala network is designed for anonymous applications on different chains.

Trusted Exectution Environment (TEE)

Applying Trusted Exectution Environment (TEE) allows the network to add code anonymously. The tepassing is also known as Enclave.

Remote Attestation

Remote Attestation allows users to communicate with Enclave.

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More about Phala network

Phala 2020

Phala network entered the market in 2020 during the first bull run with a price of $0.17 dollars per coin. Soon, the price fell to $0.08 dollars per coin.

Bull run

Phala benefited from the second bull run and rose to its all-time high of $1.01 USD. After this, the price dropped to $0.08 USD per coin in the bear market.

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