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What is Toncoin?

According to their introduction, TON is a decentralized Internet created by the community using technology designed by Telegram. Toncoin especially wants to make a fist for Web3.

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History of Toncoin

The Telegram Messenger Team led by brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov begin researching blockchain solutions for Telegram Messenger in 2018. Since there is no layer 1 blockchain to support their 9-strong user base, they decide to build one themselves: Telegram Open Network (TON).

That same year, they raised $1.7 billion at a private sale of their token they had named Gram.

In 2019, they released a series of documents detailing the design details of the TON blockchain. Telegram threw two test nets against it and open-sourced the encryption.

When they were just getting nice and busy, they got in trouble with the authorities in late 2019. The DEA left them alone, though they were selling grams, but the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reappeared like a Jack-in-the-box. The 1933 law on US securities was brought up in an attempt to kill this project.

Telegram released another statement that Grams promised no profits, was not a stake in the company or blockchain, and that no dividends would be paid. But the SEC maintained that they were securities.

The argument that something is a security (security or share) can actually be used with any ICO or coin offering of any kind to kill a blockchain via the courts. So the SEC's argument was that they should have come to them first to tell them they were going to offer a security and they hadn't and now they were angry.

So that calls for a lawsuit. A judge made sure their 2020 project was put on hold until after the final ruling.

Eventually, a ban on Grams' sale followed and they at Telegram had to shut down the entire project and repay all investors from the private sale.

This statement could have hefty implications when launching any blockchain project.

Telegram left the project in 2020 and discontinued their test nets.

In 2020 and 2021, a small team continued with Toncoin's open source code and based their coin NewTON on it. Pretty nice touch. They had the coin itself securely mined, so there could be no security whatsoever.

By 2021, their test network had been running nicely for a while and was renamed Mainnet. The NewTON team became the TON Foundation, a non-profit community dedicated to further development and support for this network. That same year, they achieved secure and stable blockchain and TON-ETH and TON-BSC bridges followed.

In 2021, they were also listed as coins at several topexchanges.

A number of major upgrades followed in 2022, including TON DeFi and TON Payments.

In 2023, this coin made the leap forward and delivered an explosion of new developments that did not go unnoticed. Slowly but surely, this coin is creeping toward the top ten.

TON these days is full out as The Open Network (for everyone).

How does Toncoin work?

If you want to work with Toncoin as an app creator, you get ample support in every step you need to take, both before and after launching your app.

For example, they work with a Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows you to put together an app like a block box in a programming language that is most appropriate for your app.

Once the app is put together, you can set up the rest in a clear developer roadmap, such as setting up your API, accepting payments via smart contracts and creating a currency or NFTs for your app.

If you are done with your app then you can leverage their huge network of over 800 million users to gain exposure through ads on Telegram.

They have all kinds of programs to help you move in the right direction so that you arrive at your destination faster. Both their Foundation and other organizations can help you further with money, support and a shoulder.

Their own blockchain they hope to boost through their Grants and Bounties TON Footsteps program, where they give appreciated contributions to the TON blockchain funds to further develop the idea. You can then even be inducted into their Hall of Fame. Innovative ideas or critical to the TON blockchain are given priority.

Through their Bug bounty, they are still trying to get outsiders interested in reporting any kind of bug they find.

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Additional information about Toncoin (TON)

What can you use Toncoin for?


You can work as a Validator to secure the network. For this you will need as many as 10,000 Toncoin tokens. However, you can also join validator pools from your wallet and thus still get staking rewards. How many Toncoin you have also matters. Whoever has 50 tons of TON tokens may join their Whale Club.

TON has decentralized exchanges with Toncoin as its native token. With w(rapped)TON, you can also conduct transactions on a well-known DEX like Uniswap, PancakeSwap or Dodo.

Global payments:

As a seller, you can connect your app or site to TON so that you can accept secure transactions in their own cryptocurrency TON. With a few clicks, you as a buyer can then be the new owner of a portion of fries for just a few TON in no time.

Fortunately, the setup is simple: you create a Toncoin wallet. You turn on the "Receive" option and hop, you can accept payments.

Cross-chain transfers

This allows you to transfer tokens from Ethereum to the TON network, for example.

TON ecosystem

TON has now become quite a popular network, probably because of its strong ties to Telegram, which is one of the better-known social media channels after all.

They work with 32 different wallets, 10 decentralized exchanges, a number of Newschannels and 14 explorers.

Furthermore, they have Jettons on their blockchain. These are fungible (replaceable or redeemable) tokens that have found a home on their blockchain.

There are 85 utilities, such as Testnet Faucet.

Meanwhile, there are more than 50 Telegram channels that have a link to TON and 28 chatchannels that just can't stop talking about TON.

Around 50 crypto exchanges have Toncoin and about 20 games have been created.

They have NFT Collections and Services, social networking and staking.

Those who want to join their ecosystem can do so fairly quickly through a one-click app launch, after which you gain access to their huge Telegram user network. You then have to verify your identity and can start trading.

Their TON community now has nearly 2 million members. These people talk about TON, love it, eat TON burgers and have TON barbecues, just because they love Toncoin so much. If your name is Ton you always get a 10% discount on every gathering, but that may be an urban legend.

It can be said that they are quite popular.

Use cases of Toncoin

  • Getting fees for interacting with a smart contract

  • Payment services for apps on the platform

  • By staking it out for network security ensure

  • Cross-chain transaction charges

  • On-chain governance

  • Payment for blockchain-based domain names (TON DNS)

  • Sustaining the Blockchain as Validator

  • Payment for decentralized data storage

  • Payment for TON Proxy (coming soon)

Toncoin TON tokenomics

Total number of coin: around 5 billion. Burned tokens: around 45,000. Last 7 days burned: around 2,500. Number in circulation: around 3.5 billion - 15-9-2023.

Market capitalization last 24 hours was around 7 billion. Trading volume is quite low for such a highly listed coin, so few people trade them. The current price of this cryptocurrency is around two eur. Is listed at spot 11.

TON Foundation

Their motto:

"We believe in a decentralized future and self-sovereignty at scale."

So they are on the road of the Web3 within the Telegram Messenger ecosystem.

TON Foundation (TF) started as a community driven initiative until it became a non-profit organization based in Switzerland in 2023. Their funds come 100% from the community, their interests are with the community, and their support goes to projects that are in line with The Open Network mission.

TF is just one of many contributors to the network and has no control over the project. TON is open source and anyone can contribute to its development.

Their team includes Council members Steve Yun, president, Barbara Schüpbach and Manuel Stotz.

Toncoin prediction

If you decided to go for it after this story, it's understandable. With such a large reach, this coin could grow quickly.

Toncoin has already risen to the top 20 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap recently. Who knows how much further they can climb?

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