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What is TRON?

TRON is a decentralized blockchain developed by the Tron Foundation. The goal of TRON is to give content creators full rights to their own content. Only the content creators receive rewards for their content as opposed to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook where these third parties themselves take a share of the profits. On the TRON network are smart contracts, blockchains and dApps. The transactions made with TRX are visible to everyone in a public ledger. TRX tokens started in 2017 as ERC-20 tokens that were on the Ethereum blockchain, but in 2018 they made the transition to their own blockchain.

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Since 2017

In 2017, TRON was introduced by Justin Sun. The ICO raised an impressive $70 million.

2000 transactions per second

Through the delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, TRON claims to be able to handle 2000 TPS.

Peer-to-peer content creators

TRON allows content creators to get their content directly to the recipient, without a third party getting a share of the profits.

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TRON price history

In 2017, TRON was launched through a whopping $70 million ICO. TRON started on the market with a starting price of $0.0020 that was then still run on Ethereum's blockchain. A year later, TRON developed its own blockchain and partly because of this, the price rose to an all-time-high of $0.30. There are now more than 92 billion TRX tokens in circulation, of which there is no maximum supply.

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