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What is Zilliqa

The Zilliqa (ZIL) network works with 'Smart contracts' through a public platform. The network uses Proof-of-Work and uses its own developed network Sharding.

The Sharding network ensures that the ledger does not have to be sent in full with every transaction. The ledger is split among miners, making transaction times faster. The Zilliqa network can perform as many as 2488 transactions per second.

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Price (Month)
Zilliqa Market
€404 Million
18.4 Billion
Volume 24h
€23 Million

Sharding network

The self-developed Sharding network ensures that the transaction speed gets faster as the blockchain gets bigger.


Zilliqa's blockchain uses the Proof-of-Work system.

Developed by scientists

The Zilliqa network was conceived and developed by a group of scientists.

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More about the Zilliqa price

The Zilliqa token sale

The Zilliqa coin came online in 2018 with a price of €0.14. It soon dropped to €0.04 and rose to €0.21 within a month.

Transition to the Zilliqa network

A transition from ECR20 token to the Zilliqa network followed in 2019. However, this performed nothing at all with the price and caused it to reach €0.004.


In 2020, the share price rebounded and reached €0.035. Which followed with a €0.235 price in 2021 during the bull run. This became the coin's all-time high.

September 2022

In September 2022, the company came out with a lot of good news such as its own gaming console on Web 3 and hiring a new chief investment officer. This drove the share price up from €0.038 to €0.177 with a quick fall to €0.039

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