Mike Hesp

EU reaches agreement on MiCa law proposal

It has been known for some time that the European Union was working on a crypto law, to regulate trading, distribution and issuance. Last July, the Parliament and the Council agreed on a unified approach. What is the MiCa law? And what does it mean for the crypto world?

Ted Maas

What is Terra Luna? – The next Ethereum/Cardano Killer?

The Terra protocol wants to function as a central bank for cryptocurrencies by offering stability. With the help of smart contracts and stablecoins algorithms, they have effectively built a hub where stablecoins, traditional currencies and volatile tokens can function as one hybrid mechanism.

Kevin van der Linden

What are stablecoins? The sleeping giants in the crypto world

Led by the largest stablecoin Tether, stablecoins have become an undisputed player in the crypto world. Perhaps even the future for central banks.