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What is Gala (GALA)?

Gala is a token associated with Gala Gaming. Gala's goal is to innovate the gaming world by using blockchain technology to give players more control over their games. In Gala's games, players can earn NFTs, use them in-game and trade them on secondary markets. Currently, Gala uses the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain, but they plan to migrate more blockchains in the future.

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Extra information about Gala (GALA)

Who are Gala's founders?

Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy founded Gala Games in 2019. In the past, they have worked for renowned companies such as Intermix Media (the company behind MySpace) and Zynga (worth an estimated $7 billion). As creative director at Zynga, Michael developed the popular Facebook game Farmville 2. The founders share the same vision of developing play-to-earn games, where developers can focus more on quality, while control lies more with the players of the games.

What can Gala be used for?

Gala's games have their own in-game economy powered by the GALA token. You can speak of an ecosystem, where players have control over in-game attributes. In addition, Founder Nodes can be bought and used to keep the network running. As a reward for running a node, you get paid GALA tokens. Besides earning GALA tokens, Founder Nodes also have administrative power. They have the right to vote when developers want to make changes to the platform. By voting, Founder Nodes can decide which upgrades to make and which to reject.

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