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What is Gala?

Gala is a token associated with Gala Gaming. Gala's goal is to innovate the gaming world by using blockchain technology to give players more control over their games. In Gala's games, players can earn NFTs, use them in-game and trade them on secondary markets. Currently, Gala uses the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain, but they plan to migrate more blockchains in the future.

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Since 2019

Launched in 2019, Gala Games was created by Eric Schiermeyer, co-founder of Zynga (known for mobile games like Farmville). Schiermeyer combined both his passions, namely blockchain and gaming.

GALA Token

The maximum number of GALA tokens will be 35 billion of which 7 billion are currently in circulation. Every year in July, the distribution of tokens is halved. GALA tokens allow users to buy items in Gala Games.


The number of monthly users of Gala Gaming is currently around 1.3 million. Gala Gaming uses NFTs, which ensures that players actually own the items that they purchase in their Gala Games.

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GALA and the success of Gala Games

The success of the GALA coin is heavily tied to the Gala Gaming ecosystem. The more games are released, the more popular GALA becomes. If the GALA NFT market is successful, the games become more extensive and thus the Gala Gaming ecosystem will grow.

With the introduction of Town Star, Gala Gaming's flagship game, the GALA price had a major surge from $0.0002 to $0.01 In November 2021, GALA reached its all-time-high with a price of $0.836. This was all applicable until the bear market started in late 2021 and almost every currency went down in price. The bull market and Gala Gaming's positioning during this bull market are important for GALA's future.


Gala users can manage Gala nodes and thus support the network. For their service user get, of course, certain rewards. What exactly? Users get GALA tokens, but also receive limited edition NFTs. So-called Founder Nodes, are tier-1 nodes owned by the first generation of Gala Gaming users and are based on 50,000 NFTs. In 2022, the popularity of NFTs dropped significantly after the huge 2021-hype. However, that has mostly to do with avatar-based NFTs. Gaming NFTs are slowly but surely starting to get more use cases. Despite the current low interest in NFTs, the potential is definitely there. So people curious about GALA price indicators should definitely keep an eye on the upcoming projects of Gala Gaming and their NFT branch.

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