Bitcoin NFT - made simple as 1, 2, 3

1Upload your image

Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Max file size: 300kb.

2Set your transaction fee

3Let us know at which BTC address you want to receive your inscription

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How does it work?

How do I make a Bitcoin Inscription (Bitcoin NFT)?

  1. Create a Bitcoin taproot wallet, such as Ordinals Wallet

  2. Get the Bitcoin Taproot address by clicking on the button ''Receive''.

  3. Upload a JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG file that does not exceed 300KB in size. 

  4. Add the destination address (wallet address).

  5. Choose the appropriate transaction fee level based on the desired service speed (Economy, Low, Medium, High). Fees are determined by the file size in kilobytes and service speed. Choosing ‘’Economy’’ may take up to one day. 

  6. Carefully review and confirm the transaction details, including the fee and destination address and click “Buy Ordinal”. 

  7. In the following screen you are required to pay your Bitcoin ordinal via a Bitcoin transfer. This can be done with a BTC wallet (QR code on mobile wallet or manual transfer to wallet address).

  8. Once confirmed, our service will create an NFT by associating the uploaded image with a satoshi, and the NFT will be sent to your wallet address. 

  9. Please be aware that once the NFT is generated, it cannot be altered or changed. It is also critical to secure your wallet and login credentials, and to not share them with anyone to safeguard your NFT and related assets. 

How is your fee calculated?

The cost of inscribing and sending Bitcoin ordinals is quite high and is based on the size of the image. Our service fee is only $15 and 10% of the fee, the remaining amount will be sent to the Bitcoin miners to process your transaction. 

Should I pay my order with Bitcoin (onchain) or lightning?

We advise using lightning to make your payment, as it offers nearly instantaneous transactions. Regular (onchain) Bitcoin transactions may take longer as they need to wait until the Bitcoin blocks have been processed. We recommend using ‘’Wallet of Satoshi’’ for sending lightning transactions. 

How can I pay my fee?

You can pay your fee by scanning the QR code visible on your screen after clicking the ‘’pay’’ button. You can pay with any lightning or bitcoin wallet, depending on your payment choice.  

Please note that using an exchange to pay your fee may cause issues regarding the total amount of fee sent, as exchanges may charge a small fee to process your payment. When paying from an exchange, take the fee of the exchange into account when sending the amount. 

How can I view my Ordinal inscription?

You can view your Ordinal inscription on an Ordinal block explorer.

More about Ordinals

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Launched in January 2023, the Ordinals protocol allows users to transfer and receive individual Satoshi’s with unique inscribed data like images. This provides a novel approach to creating NFTs on Bitcoin by storing the actual content of the NFT entirely on-chain, which Ethereum NFT’s don’t as they require a server to host your image. 

Each individual Bitcoin is divided into smaller units called Satoshi’s. With the new Ordinals protocol, each Satoshi can be inscribed with data, allowing for the creation of Ordinals. Ordinals are similar to NFTs that can be minted onto the Bitcoin blockchain.  

How do I create an Ordinal Bitcoin wallet?

Step 1: Create an ord compatible wallet.

Step 2: Select file -> new wallet and create a new wallet with the name ‘’ord’’. 

Step 3: Change the script type to Taproot (P2TR) and select the new or imported software wallet option. 

Step 4: Select use 12 words and then click the generate new button. Please leave the passphrase blank. 

Step 5: Write the 12 words down, as this is your backup to get access to your wallet. NEVER share or show this phrase to ANYONE else. 

Step 6: Click confirm backup. 

Step 7: Re-enter seed phrase and click create keystore.

Step 8: Click Import keystore.

What should I take care of/What do I have to keep in mind?

  1. NEVER lose or share your 12 word key phrase of your wallet 

  2. We recommend not sending any other transactions to/from your Ordinal wallet. If you do this, you may unwillingly send the NFT from your wallet causing you to lose the NFT. 

What happens if I have paid too little fees?

It can happen that you have paid too less for whatever reason (exchange/mining fees). You can choose to pay the additional outstanding fee (or receive a refund by using the refund link in your payment overview).

How can I verify the status of my order?

You can verify the status of your order by accessing the form on the main page and entering your order number. The form will display the latest status of your order.