Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

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Luuk van der Meijden
Luuk van der Meijden

Buying Bitcoin is always exciting. After all, you never know what the price will do and what Bitcoin will be worth. However, we can look at the past and technical aspects. Many people are curious about what the Bitcoin price might do in the coming years, and what factors might play a role. In this blog, we will give the views of analysts and show their Bitcoin price prediction. Whether you are a Bitcoin investor or just interested in the cryptocurrency world, this blog will hopefully help you better understand what the future could hold for Bitcoin (BTC). In the end, a Bitcoin price prediction is given for the years 2024 through 2030.

Table of Contents

  1. Bitcoin price prediction 2024
  2. Bitcoin price prediction 2024 according to experts and analysts
  3. Current Bitcoin exchange rate
  4. Bitcoin price prediction in the long term
  5. Realistic Bitcoin prediction
  6. Is the strongest Bullrun yet approaching?
  7. Milestones for Bitcoin in 2024
  8. Bitcoin Spot ETF
  9. "Bitcoin is going to outperform gold"
  10. Bitcoin in top 10 largest assets
  11. Growing interest in Bitcoin
  12. Can Bitcoin become worth 100,000 euros?
  13. Conclusion
  14. Other price predictions


  • By 2024, the Bitcoin price is expected to reach a maximum of €104.265,35
  • Experts predict a long-term rise in the Bitcoin price, with prices expected to exceed €300,000 by 2030
  • Bitcoin Spot ETF approval will be important for Bitcoin price
  • The Bitcoin halving cycle has historically led to price rallies, and the next halving is expected in April 2024
  • Inflation and rising interest rates affect Bitcoin price in positive way
  • One should never assume a prediction, the Bitcoin price can never be predicted

Bitcoin price prediction 2024

What can we expect from the Bitcoin price in 2024? Looking at the Bitcoin price forecast from DigitalCoinPrice, it indicates that the Bitcoin price could reach a maximum of €104.265,35. In the last quarter of 2023, a lot happened around Bitcoin. This was mainly due to the announcement of a possible Bitcoin Spot ETF. A Bitcoin Spot ETF could provide a large influx of institutional investors. In other words: This development could bring billions of institutional capital to the market. Following the news that Bitcoin Spot ETFs are approaching, the Bitcoin stock price reacted positively.

On Jan. 10, 2024, the Bitcoin Spot ETF of 11 different companies in America was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This development could allow more institutional money to flow into the market, and it could make Bitcoin even more serious as an investment opportunity. That, in turn, could push the price up. In addition, it could also be the start of a new crypto bullrun. Of course, this is just a scenario; there is never certainty in the world of crypto.

Also Cathie Wood, founder of ARK Investments , first expected a decline in the in the Bitcoin price chart. In contrast, her Bitcoin prediction is that it will reach $100,000 in the long term.

In addition, the next Bitcoin halving will also occur in April 2024. The Bitcoin halving, which happens every four years, reduces the new supply of Bitcoin through mining. The previous halving in May 2020 led to significant increases in Bitcoin prices. While some are optimistic about its impact, there is no guarantee of higher prices after the halving, as its impact gradually diminishes over time, given the diminishing new Bitcoin generated via block rewards. Still, halving remains an important and tracked aspect of the Bitcoin market, and it may have lasting effects on Bitcoin's supply and demand ratio.

Bitcoin price prediction 2024 according to experts and analysts

Bitcoin surged in early December 2023, once again drawing attention to future price prediction for the cryptocurrency. Several experts and financial institutions, including well-known names such as Tim Draper and Chartered Bank, have shared their predictions for the Bitcoin price in 2024. The general prediction in the crypto community is optimistic, hoping that the Bitcoin price will continue to rise in 2024. One of the main reasons for this is the upcoming "halving," scheduled for April 2024.

Tim Draper: 232,405 euros in 2024

Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist and pioneer in the crypto industry, has made a very optimistic prediction and expects the Bitcoin price in 2024 €232,405 will achieve. However, it is important to note that Draper has made similar predictions in the past that have not come true.

Pantera Capital: €140,000 by 2024

Pantera Capital, a hedge fund, joins the bullish outlook, estimating that Bitcoin will rise by the end of 2024 nearly €140,000 will be worth. They base this prediction on the expected impact of halving.

Chartered Bank: €110,000 by 2024

The multinational bank with $800 billion in assets, predicts a rise in Bitcoin price to €110,000 by 2024 . They also stress that the profitability of miners will increase, which will reduce the amount of Bitcoin on the market and could increase demand.

Adam Back: 92,962 euros ($100,000) limit before halving

The leading developer in the Bitcoin community, Adam Back, is very optimistic and even expects that Bitcoin will break the $100,000 barrier before halving in April 2024 .

In short, predictions for the Bitcoin price in 2024 vary, but are all very positive. These are based on several factors, including halving, supply and demand, and historical price correlations with other assets. It remains a topic of discussion and speculation in the crypto industry.

Current Bitcoin exchange rate

Bitcoin price prediction in the long term

A large portion of Bitcoin investors are HODL'ers, they hold Bitcoin for the long term. Do you also want to invest in Bitcoin for the long term? Then you might want to see what experts say about the Bitcoin price in the long term. Below are named the minimum, average and highest Bitcoin price per year according to DigitalCoinprice .

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price
2024 €42.748,62 €99.174,70 €104.265,35
2025 €102.272,04 €111.649,46 €122.235,85
2026 €140.180,56 €171.924,25 €173.616,07
2027 €182.962,59 €211.054,90 €218.282,95
2028 €182.962,59 €211.054,90 €218.282,95
2029 €225.751,16 €248.771,76 €257.807,97
2030 €321.077,80 €349.381,12 €356.007,26
2031 €463.665,67 €485.438,46 €498.816,20
2032 €653.394,51 €674.440,26 €684.120,28
2033 €891.938,56 €916.740,32 €926.430,49

Bitcoin price prediction in 2024

Analysts expect the Bitcoin price to quietly pick up in 2024 and rise to an average of €99.174,70 , based on data from Feb. 23, 2024. In addition, the expected Bitcoin halving in 2024 may cause Bitcoin to reach a maximum price of €104.265,35 in the same year.

Bitcoin price prediction in 2025

A year later, in 2025, the BTC rate is expected to rise above the €122.235,85 will come true, according to prediction. DigitalCoinPrice additionally indicates that an average of €111.649,46 per Bitcoin will be reached by 2025.

Bitcoin price prediction in 2026

Relative to today, experts expect Bitcoin to rise from now until the end of 2026. The Bitcoin price forecast for 2026 is on average €171.924,25 , based on that year's prediction. The peak in 2026 is expected to be at €173.616,07 .

Bitcoin price prediction in 2027

2027 promises to be an exciting year for Bitcoin. According to predictions, we are going to see Bitcoin reach a minimum price of about €182.962,59 reached. But where it gets really interesting is the average which is around the €211.054,90 could lie. Most exciting, however, is the maximum price that could shake up the crypto world, with an estimated peak of €218.282,95 .

Bitcoin price prediction in 2028

2028 could be a year when Bitcoin takes a breather but continues to grow. The year begins with a minimum price of about €182.962,59 . The average for the year is estimated to be a handsome €211.054,90 showing that Bitcoin is firmly entrenched in the financial world. As the year progresses, the price could peak at around €218.282,95 .

Bitcoin price prediction in 2029

As we look toward 2029, things get really exciting for Bitcoin. The year begins with an impressive minimum price of some €225.751,16 . The average for the year is estimated to be €248.771,76 , showing that Bitcoin is steadily gaining ground. The high of the year could reach about €257.807,97 .

Bitcoin price prediction in 2030

Bitcoin maintains its positive trend, with forecasts suggesting that by the mid-2030s the price will move to €349.381,12 will rise. Predictions suggest that the price is likely to hover around December 2030. €356.007,26 . These projections are from DigitalCoinPrice and are updated on Feb. 23, 2024.

Realistic Bitcoin prediction

The cryptomarket moves in a rhythm of bull runs, in which the prices of digital currencies skyrocket thanks to a wave of optimism and hefty investments, alternating with bearmarkets, in which the values of even the top 100 cryptocurrencies can fall by as much as 80-90%.

Analysts and analysis firms like DigitalCoinPrice often predict that the crypto market will continue to grow, based on the idea that everything will only get better. If optimism remains high and investment continues to flow, these predictions could indeed come true. But, the crypto world has its ups and downs, as the Bitcoin halving shows, so we can expect both periods of growth and corrections. These fluctuations can challenge optimistic prediction quite a bit, depending on what stage of the market cycle we are in. Therefore, it is important for investors not only to assume continued growth, but also to be mindful of the potential risks and volatility. This is why we only write prediction for projects that have been around for several years.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin has lost 25,8% from its all-time high.

Is the strongest Bullrun yet approaching?

Marc Friedrich's dream image of an unprecedented Bitcoin bullrun may sound like wishful thinking, but serious signs are beginning to appear that bring this scenario closer to reality. With an impressive rise of nearly 25% since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has already given a hint of what is possible. This rise is partly due to the U.S. SEC's approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF in January, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Three reasons why this Bullrun may become historic

  1. ETFs and Halving create scarcity: An average of 900 BTC are added every day, but recently big guys like BlackRock have significantly outpaced this supply, drastically shrinking the available supply. This phenomenon, combined with the upcoming halving, in which the daily increase of new bitcoins halves, could well cause a big jump in prices if demand remains as it is.
  2. Global interest still in the starting blocks: Despite the recent rally, global interest in Bitcoin still seems quite limited, looking at search volumes and engagement with crypto-related content online. This means that there is still a world to win, both for Bitcoin's price and its general awareness and acceptance.
  3. Bitcoin is doing its own thing: Whereas Bitcoin used to often follow the lead of traditional assets like gold and stock indices, it now seems to be charting its own course. This unique hassle of Bitcoin, just when inflation and interest rates are shooting in all directions, really shows what a golden opportunity it is to add some excitement to your portfolio.

Speculation or A Matter of Time?

Bitcoin's limited supply is fixed, with a maximum circulation of 21 million BTC. Growing demand, mainly from institutional investors, is putting pressure on this supply. But will this influx of ETF funds continue? What is certain is that the above factors are strong arguments for a possible, unprecedented bull run.

Milestones for Bitcoin in 2024

Bitcoin has recently achieved impressive financial milestones, including breaking through the psychologically significant $50,000 barrier for the first time in more than two years and reaching a market capitalization of $1 trillion , a feat it achieved for the first time since 2021. These upward trends are attributed to several factors, including the anticipation and launch of the Bitcoin Spot ETF, which is particularly attractive to institutional investors such as BlackRock and Fidelity. These developments have made Bitcoin one of the best-performing assets of the year, despite an initial decline following the ETF launch due to massive selling and record selling by miners. However, the market appears to be stabilizing, with a stronger buy side and record purchases by the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock. In addition, Bitcoin halving is imminent, an event that halves the rewards for miners and has been followed by significant price increases in the past. With these developments and a general scarcity of cryptocurrency stocks on exchanges, experts suggest a bullish future for Bitcoin. Controversial analyst PlanB even predicts a rise to $60,000 within just two weeks, underscoring its optimistic medium- and long-term prediction.

Bitcoin Spot ETF

News of the January 9, 2024 approval of the Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initially caused a stir. It was confirmed that the approval had taken place, but confusion ensued when the Twitter account of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler announced that the SEC's Twitter account had been hacked. Although the SEC's original message was deleted, there were screenshots in which the SEC's message could be read back. This created uncertainty in the market, especially given Gensler's previous comments about the risks of buying cryptocurrencies.

A day after the confusion and hack, it appeared that the Bitcoin ETF was finally approved after all on Jan. 10, 2024. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission gave the green light to 11 different spot Bitcoin ETFs, including those from ARK 21Shares, Invesco Galaxy, VanEck, WisdomTree, and others. The approval marks a historic step, as it enables the first regulated exchange-traded products in the U.S. that allow investors to gain direct exposure to the price of Bitcoin. The official notice appeared briefly on the SEC website.

Interestingly, the adoption of the Bitcoin ETF did not necessarily lead to a significant rise in the Bitcoin price itself. Instead, altcoins, such as Ethereum, saw significant gains. Ethereum rose more than 10 percent, and other major altcoins followed suit, with some reacting even more strongly to the approval. This was partly attributed to the fact that ETF applications for Ethereum had also been submitted earlier and investors were hoping for a positive decision. This made the likelihood of an Ethereum ETF even greater. The positive news also affected strike tokens and Layer 2 solutions, which showed significant increases.

The first trading day of the Bitcoin ETF (Jan. 11, 2024) saw significant trading volume. In total, as much as $4.4 billion worth of Bitcoin ETFs were traded on the first day, with Grayscale being the largest player with more than 50 percent of the trading volume. Other prominent names in the ETF market, such as BlackRock and Fidelity, were also involved, registering about a billion and $700 million in trading volume, respectively. A total of 700,000 individual trades were executed across the 11 ETFs. Although Bitcoin itself did not rise significantly, the trading volume in the ETF market was considered a success.

The latest news on Bitcoin Spot ETFs or other crypto ETFs? Check out our ETF news page .

"Bitcoin is going to outperform gold"

Several experts and Bitcoin advocates are predicting a bright future for the cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin predicted to outperform gold. Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream and a prominent early developer of Bitcoin, foresees Bitcoin's remarkable rise to as much as $700,000 this cycle. He suggests that Bitcoin could reach this milestone within one to two years, with the main driver being the planned Bitcoin halving in April 2024. This event will reduce the amount of new Bitcoin coming into circulation, which historically has often been the start of powerful bull runs.

Max Keiser, a well-known Bitcoin enthusiast, shares similar optimism, predicting that Bitcoin could rise to $500,000 during this bull run. While other predictions for 2024 range from $45,000 to $250,000, these predictions point to growing confidence in Bitcoin as a valuable asset and an attractive alternative to traditional investments, such as gold. The Bitcoin market remains volatile, but these predictions suggest that digital gold is becoming more firmly entrenched in the financial world.

Bitcoin in top 10 largest assets

In December 2023, Bitcoin entered the top 10 largest assets in the world. The cryptocurrency, which billionaire and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet has often compared to a roulette wheel and slot machines, has reached a market capitalization of a whopping $816 billion thanks to the recent bull run. Remarkably, this valuation even surpasses that of Berkshire Hathaway which is currently valued at $777 billion. This top 10 includes major companies such as Apple, Amazon and Google. Bitcoin's performance has been nothing short of remarkable, with an impressive increase of more than 140 percent since the beginning of the year. This upward trend clearly indicates that Bitcoin continues to attract the attention of investors worldwide. The fact that Bitcoin is disputed even by influential critics such as Warren Buffett is not stopping the cryptocurrency from steadily gaining ground as a crucial player in global financial markets. These developments show that Bitcoin's recognition as a valuable asset in the global economy is undeniably growing, despite ongoing criticism from prominent figures in the financial world.

The Bitcoin halving

One of the most important topics for Bitcoin are the halving cycles of the Bitcoin network. The halving happens every four years. This halving cycle ensures that fewer coins are issued when mining Bitcoin, so that the supply is fixed (21 million BTC). This is in contrast to Fiat currencies, where the money supply is anything but fixed. The last Bitcoin halving was on 11 May 2020. Then the reward per block fell from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. A block is mined approximately every 10 min, although this can vary somewhat. 

The halving is a programmed reduction of new supply due to block mining. Block rewards have been higher in Bitcoin's early years. This was done to encourage miners to start validating blocks (and thus transactions). The idea behind an ever decreasing block reward is that the bitcoin network should, in the long run, be self-sustaining based on the transaction fees paid by users. 

It is generally assumed that halving has an impact on the price of bitcoin. This is logical to assume, as less Bitcoin is entering the market. This lowers selling pressure. The first halving took place in November 2012. The price then stood at around $11. A year later, the price was about 100x higher, around $1100. In July 2016, when a total of 420,000 blocks were mined, the second halving became a reality. Bitcoin's price fluctuated between $500 and $1000 dollars for several months, before finally reaching a temporary top of $20,000 in 2017. The third halving took place in May 2020. The price then rose from around $9000 to $69,000. 

The next halving will take place around April 17, 2024. As a result, the Bitcoin price prediction for 2024 appears to be very positive. Indeed, many claim that this will again have a major impact on the future price of Bitcoin, as there will be less Bitcoin in circulation. Although historically this has always caused "cycles" in the price of Bitcoin and logically affects the supply and demand ratio, there is no guarantee of a higher BTC price after the halving. It should also be added that the influence of the halving is becoming less and less, as the number of Bitcoin coming into circulation through block rewards is decreasing.

The impact of global inflation and rising interest rates

Bitcoin had fallen significantly by 2022 and PlanB's model had been downgraded to PlanC. Celsius, Voyager, Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and FTX had not survived the bear market and the outlook for Bitcoin was not very positive. Inflation in September 2022 was 8.2% in America and an average of 10.7% in Europe. In the Netherlands, inflation was as high as 14.5% in September 2022.

Rising inflation is being tried to quell by increased interest rates - in both America and Europe, interest rates have risen substantially. In November 2022 the Fed in America decided to raise interest rates by 75 percentage points from 3.25% to 4% and in Europe the ECB raised interest rates to 2%. Although these are significant increases from recent years, critics say it is still far too low to reduce the current inflation rate.

In general, interest rates affect investments. On stocks, bonds and precious metals as well as on housing prices and cryptocurrency. With lower interest rates, businesses and consumers are able to borrow at lower interest rates. There will generally be lower costs with lower interest rates.

Consumers will have lower costs with mortgages or car loans, for example, and the government will have fewer interest payments and more money left over to spend on other things. Companies will then make less profit because consumers have less to spend and themselves have higher costs on loans. Higher interest rates therefore generally have a negative effect on asset valuations, although this is not always true.

The fact that higher interest rates have had an impact on cryptocurrency and stock prices is clearly reflected in the prices. The entire cryptocurrency market dropped from a high in market capitalization in late 2021 of 3 trillion to a low in late 2022 of 830 billion; the Bitcoin exchange rate fell about 70%.

Interest rates depend largely on inflation. The higher inflation, the more central banks will adopt tighter money policies to lower inflation. So since interest rates have a major impact on the value of Bitcoin, interest rate expectations are always very important to the Bitcoin community. Along with the Fed's interest rate decision, an interest rate forecast is also indicated.

Announcement of interest rates U.S. Federal Reserve

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced on Dec. 14, 2023 , that key interest rates would remain unchanged, which was the market's prediction. What drew attention, however, were comments by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. He confirmed the market's prediction of three interest rate cuts in 2024. This announcement created a positive mood in financial markets, including the Bitcoin market.

The prospect of lower interest rates and increasing liquidity boosted the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, leading to strong gains. This optimism also spread to traditional financial markets, such as the Dow Jones and the DAX, which reached new record highs.

The reason behind this reaction is that looser monetary policy increases the likelihood of further interest rate cuts and measures to increase the money supply. This could significantly increase asset price inflation, including Bitcoin, even as consumer price inflation continues to fall. In short, the Federal Reserve's announcement has boosted the Bitcoin rally due to the prediction of broader monetary policy and a more favorable market environment for cryptocurrencies.

Growing interest in Bitcoin

It looks very much like another Bitcoin bull run is in the works, as more and more parties are expressing confidence in Bitcoin's future value. MicroStrategy, the company headed by former founder Michael Saylor, recently invested another $593 million in Bitcoin. This purchase added 16,130 BTC to their growing portfolio, and the prediction is that its value could start to rise. With an average purchase price of $36,785 per Bitcoin, MicroStrategy now owns 174,530 BTC, worth $5.28 billion. The average purchase price per Bitcoin was $30,252, meaning the investment is currently in the profit zone, given the current price of $38,702 per Bitcoin. This move shows that institutional adoption of Bitcoin continues on a large scale, even after the departure of Michael Saylor as managing director of MicroStrategy.

At the same time, rumors are circulating about the Qatari Sovereign Wealth Fund, which reportedly wants to invest $500 billion in Bitcoin , which is predicted to further increase the price of Bitcoin. Although some users are critical of these rumors, the meeting between the former president of El Salvador and Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani points to possible cooperation between Qatar and El Salvador. Although there is skepticism about the feasibility of such an investment given the overall volume of the Qatari sovereign wealth fund, the news continues to create a buzz in the crypto community. Emotions play a big role in such situations, especially as prices rise, and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can become a major driver.

Can Bitcoin become worth 100,000 euros?

Experts claim that the price of Bitcoin will reach €100,000 in the future because of several macroeconomic factors. It emphasizes that Bitcoin price increases are primarily driven by demand and highlights two main triggers for price rallies: new applications and macroeconomic events.

  1. Macroeconomic factors : Experts claim that the next Bitcoin price rally will be largely driven by macroeconomic conditions. It points to the current global economic situation in which liquidity is shrinking due to inflation and expensive borrowing, leading to a shortage of funds for investment.
  2. Attractiveness of bonds : With rising interest rates, traditional investments such as bonds have become more attractive, making it less attractive to invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.
  3. Monetary turnaround : The burden of interest costs is becoming overwhelming for governments, businesses and households, and this could result in a new cycle in which central banks may have to cut interest rates again.
  4. Central bank interventions : Central banks may be able to take measures such as buying government bonds under special conditions to maintain interest rates at higher levels, but these interventions could lead to an expansion of the money supply and weaken confidence in the monetary system.
  5. Bitcoin as a hedge : Bitcoin is seen as an ideal proxy for monetary expansion and a sentiment indicator for confidence in the system. It is expected to rise in value in response to increased liquidity and monetary easing.
  6. Correlation of Bitcoin with liquidity : Additionally, the Bitcoin price is heavily influenced by global liquidity. Bitcoin is predicted to reach a new historic high, possibly over €100,000, by 2025, driven by new players from Wall Street and Big Tech joining the cryptosystem and leading liquidity to Bitcoin.

So there is definitely a chance that because of these reasons, the BTC rate will go to €100,000, or higher in the future. On the other hand, no one can predict the future and there are a lot of risks involved that you need to be aware of when investing in Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin price forecast for the coming years shows an exciting outlook. With predictions of Bitcoin prices that could breach the €100,000 mark and above, the crypto space remains an attractive destination for both institutional and retail investors. The impending Bitcoin halving in 2024 and the possible adoption of a Bitcoin Spot ETF in 2024 promise to create new opportunities for price increases. Moreover, Bitcoin's role in the global economy will continue to grow, with institutional involvement and growing acceptance as a valuable asset.

The crypto market is developing rapidly, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The BTC price prediction is hopeful, according to experts. Still, buying Bitcoin always remains risky. So always do your own research before making an investment. Want to buy Bitcoin? Then take a look at our Bitcoin buying page.

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