Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

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Luc Vesters
Luc Vesters

Buying Bitcoin is always exciting. After all, you never know what the price will do and what Bitcoin will be worth. However, we can look at the past and technical aspects. Many people are curious about what the Bitcoin price might do in the coming years, and what factors might play a role. In this blog, we will give the views of analysts and show their Bitcoin price prediction. Whether you are a Bitcoin investor or just interested in the cryptocurrency world, this blog will hopefully help you better understand what the future could hold for Bitcoin (BTC). In the end, a Bitcoin price prediction is given for the years 2024 through 2030.

Table of Contents

  1. Bitcoin price prediction 2024
  2. Bitcoin price prediction 2024 according to experts and analysts
  3. Current Bitcoin exchange rate
  4. Bitcoin price prediction in the long term
  5. Strongest Bullrun ever?
  6. Bitcoin Spot ETF
  7. The Bitcoin halving
  8. Can Bitcoin become worth 100,000 euros?
  9. Realistic predictions
  10. Conclusion
  11. Other price predictions


  • By 2024, the Bitcoin price is expected to reach a maximum of €127.823,92
  • Experts predict a long-term rise in the Bitcoin price, with prices expected to exceed €300,000 by 2027
  • Bitcoin Spot ETF approval will be important for Bitcoin price
  • The Bitcoin halving cycle has historically led to price rallies
  • Inflation and rising interest rates affect Bitcoin price in positive way
  • One should never assume a prediction, the Bitcoin price can never be predicted

Bitcoin price prediction 2024

What can we expect from the Bitcoin price in 2024? Looking at the Bitcoin price forecast from DigitalCoinPrice, it indicates that the Bitcoin price could reach a maximum of €127.823,92. In the last quarter of 2023, a lot happened around Bitcoin. This was mainly due to the announcement of a possible Bitcoin Spot ETF. A Bitcoin Spot ETF could provide a large influx of institutional investors. In other words: This development could bring billions of institutional capital to the market. Following the news that Bitcoin Spot ETFs are approaching, the Bitcoin stock price reacted positively.

Bitcoin ETF

On Jan. 10, 2024, the Bitcoin Spot ETF of 11 different companies in America was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This development could allow more institutional money to flow into the market, and it could make Bitcoin even more serious as an investment opportunity. That, in turn, could push the price up. In addition, it could also be the start of a new crypto bullrun. Of course, this is just a scenario; there is never certainty in the world of crypto.

Bitcoin halving

The most recent Bitcoin halving took place on April 20th, marking an event that occurs every four years to cut the new supply of Bitcoin from mining in half. The last halving in May 2020 resulted in significant increases in Bitcoin prices. Although there is optimism regarding its impact, there's no guarantee that prices will always rise post-halving, as the effect tends to diminish over time due to the reduced amount of new Bitcoin being generated via block rewards. Nevertheless, the halving remains a crucial and closely monitored event in the Bitcoin market, potentially having long-lasting impacts on the supply and demand ratio of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Runes

With the introduction of the Runes Protocol during the fourth Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin has taken another step in its technological evolution. This protocol allows fungible tokens, similar to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, to be used on the Bitcoin blockchain, expanding Bitcoin's functionalities. However, the launch was accompanied by a significant increase in transaction fees on the network, with the cost of creating new Runes tokens reaching nearly $130 per transaction at one point.

This high cost, caused by the increase in network fees following the halving, directly impacts Runes Protocol users. It illustrates the Bitcoin ecosystem's growing interest in and potential for innovation, but also highlights the existing challenges of scalability and efficiency. This development may present both opportunities and challenges for the future price and acceptance of Bitcoin, depending on how the network manages this balance between innovation and accessibility.

Bitcoin price prediction 2024 according to experts and analysts

Bitcoin surged in early December 2023, once again drawing attention to future price prediction for the cryptocurrency. Several experts and financial institutions, including well-known names such as Tim Draper and Chartered Bank, have shared their predictions for the Bitcoin price in 2024. The general prediction in the crypto community is optimistic, hoping that the Bitcoin price will continue to rise in 2024.

Bitcoin price prediction 2024 according to experts and analysts

Tim Draper: 232,405 euros in 2024

Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist and pioneer in the crypto industry, has made a very optimistic prediction and expects the Bitcoin price in 2024 €232,405 will achieve. However, it is important to note that Draper has made similar predictions in the past that have not come true.

Pantera Capital: €140,000 by 2024

Pantera Capital, a hedge fund, joins the bullish outlook, estimating that Bitcoin will rise by the end of 2024 nearly €140,000 will be worth. They base this prediction on the expected impact of halving.

Chartered Bank: €110,000 by 2024

The multinational bank with $800 billion in assets, predicts a rise in Bitcoin price to €110,000 by 2024 . They also stress that the profitability of miners will increase, which will reduce the amount of Bitcoin on the market and could increase demand.

In short, predictions for the Bitcoin price in 2024 vary, but are all very positive. These are based on several factors, including halving, supply and demand, and historical price correlations with other assets. It remains a topic of discussion and speculation in the crypto industry.

Current Bitcoin exchange rate

Bitcoin price prediction in the long term

A large part of Bitcoin investors are HODLers, they hold Bitcoin for the long term. Do you also want to invest in Bitcoin for the long term? Then you might want to see what analysts are saying about the long-term Bitcoin price. Below, the minimum, average, and highest Bitcoin price per year is mentioned according to DigitalCoinPrice as of July 15, 2024. These expectations are based, among other things, on Bitcoin price history.

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2024 €53.356.40 €123.784.25 €130.138.11
2025 €127.650.18 €139.354.54 €152.567.87
2026 €174.965.44 €214.586.12 €216.697.75
2027 €228.363.55 €263.426.78 €272.448.43
2028 €228.363.55 €263.426.78 €272.448.43
2029 €281.769.82 €310.502.84 €321.781.32
2030 €400.751.15 €436.077.75 €444.348.11
2031 €578.721.26 €605.896.81 €622.594.15
2032 €815.530.05 €841.798.17 €853.880.23
2033 € € €1.156.318.12

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2024

Analysts expect the Bitcoin price to continue its steady rise in 2024, reaching an average of €121,583.05 , based on data from today. Additionally, the Bitcoin halving in 2024 could cause Bitcoin to reach a maximum price of €127,823.92 in the same year. This represents an increase of approximately 119.18% from today's price of €58,318 .

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2025

A year later, in 2025, the BTC price is expected to exceed €125,380.23 , according to forecasts. DigitalCoinPrice also indicates that an average of €136,876.46 per Bitcoin will be reached in 2025. This marks an increase of approximately 134.70% from today's price.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2026

Compared to now, experts expect Bitcoin to realize an increase from now until the end of 2026. The Bitcoin price forecast for 2026 is an average of €210,770.22 , based on the expectations for that year. The peak in 2026 is expected at €212,844.31 . This indicates an increase of approximately 261.41% from today's price.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2027

2027 promises to be an exciting year for Bitcoin. According to the predictions, we are going to see Bitcoin reach a minimum price of approximately €224,302.66 . But where it really gets interesting is the average, which could be around €258,742.37 . However, the most thrilling aspect is the maximum price which could shake the crypto world, with an estimated peak of €267,603.59 . This represents an increase of approximately 343.67% from today's price.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2028

2028 could be a year where Bitcoin takes a breather but still grows. The year starts with a minimum price of approximately €224,302.66 . The average for the year is estimated at a solid €258,742.37 , showing that Bitcoin continues to establish itself in the financial world. As the year progresses, the price could peak at approximately €267,603.59 . This reflects a similar increase as for 2027 since the numbers remain unchanged.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2029

Looking ahead to 2029, it becomes really exciting for Bitcoin. The year starts with a remarkable minimum price of around €276,759.23 . The average for the year is estimated at €304,981.29 , demonstrating that Bitcoin is steadily gaining ground. The year's highlight could reach about €316,059.21 . This suggests an increase of approximately 441.96% from today's price.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2030

Bitcoin maintains its positive trend, with predictions suggesting that the price will rise to €393,624.76 by mid-2030. The price is expected to hover around €428,323.16 by December 2030. This data was updated on July 15th, 2024. This indicates an increase of approximately 634.46% from today's price.

Strongest Bullrun ever?

Bitcoin halving

Marc Friedrich's dream image of an unprecedented Bitcoin bullrun may sound like wishful thinking, but serious signs are beginning to appear that bring this scenario closer to reality. With an impressive rise of nearly 25% since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has already given a hint of what is possible. This rise is partly due to the U.S. SEC's approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF in January, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Three reasons why this Bullrun may become historic

  1. ETFs and Halving create scarcity: An average of 450 BTC are added every day, but recently big guys like BlackRock have significantly outpaced this supply, drastically shrinking the available supply. This phenomenon, combined with the halving, could well cause a big jump in prices if demand remains as it is.
  2. Global interest still in the starting blocks: Despite the recent rally, global interest in Bitcoin still seems quite limited, looking at search volumes and engagement with crypto-related content online. This means that there is still a world to win, both for Bitcoin's price and its general awareness and acceptance.
  3. Bitcoin is doing its own thing: Whereas Bitcoin used to often follow the lead of traditional assets like gold and stock indices, it now seems to be charting its own course. This unique hassle of Bitcoin, just when inflation and interest rates are shooting in all directions, really shows what a golden opportunity it is to add some excitement to your portfolio.

Speculation or A Matter of Time?

Bitcoin's limited supply is fixed, with a maximum circulation of 21 million BTC. Growing demand, mainly from institutional investors, is putting pressure on this supply. But will this influx of ETF funds continue? What is certain is that the above factors are strong arguments for a possible, unprecedented bull run.

Bitcoin Spot ETF

On Jan. 10, 2024, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission gave the green light to 11 different spot Bitcoin ETFs, including those from Blackrock, Fidelity, ARK 21Shares, Invesco Galaxy, VanEck, WisdomTree, and others. A Bitcoin Spot ETF allows investors to invest in cryptocurrency indirectly, without having to buy, store or secure it themselves. It makes investing in cryptocurrency much simpler for the "ordinary" investor in America.

Together, the Bitcoin ETFs have already exceeded 800,000 BTC in two months, which is already about 4 percent of the total Bitcoin stock. The Bitcoin Spot ETF are creating much more demand for Bitcoin. Therefore, this is one of the reasons the Bitcoin price has risen and managed to break its all-time high.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the Ethereum spot ETF applications from BlackRock, following the approval of Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year. This approval could positively impact both Ethereum and Bitcoin by further increasing institutional acceptance and confidence in these cryptocurrencies. The ETH price already rose by 2% following the announcement, and given the success of Bitcoin ETFs, which attracted over $13 billion in four months, it's expected that Ethereum ETFs will also draw significant capital.

Hong Kong approves Bitcoin ETF

In a remarkable development, Hong Kong, a Chinese Special Administrative Region, through its Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), has approved several spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This decision, which came after months of anticipation, allows asset managers such as China Asset Management, Bosera Capital, Harvest Global Investments, and HashKey Capital Limited to offer these financial products. This approval sets Hong Kong apart from both mainland China, which has strict rules against cryptocurrencies, and the United States, where similar attempts to launch Ethereum spot ETFs have been blocked by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The latest news on Bitcoin Spot ETFs or other crypto ETFs? Check out our  ETF news page .

The Bitcoin halving

One of the most crucial aspects for Bitcoin are the halving cycles of the Bitcoin network. The halving occurs every four years and is an essential mechanism that regulates the supply of Bitcoin. At each halving, the amount of Bitcoin miners receive for validating new blocks is halved. This limits the increase of new Bitcoins, maintaining the maximum supply of 21 million BTC. This contrasts sharply with fiat currencies, where the money supply is flexible and unpredictable. The most recent halving occurred on April 20, with the reward per block dropping from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. Blocks are mined approximately every 10 minutes, although the exact time may vary.

Halving is a programmed reduction in the new supply created by mining the blocks. In the early years of Bitcoin, block rewards were higher to encourage miners to participate in the validation process. The idea behind gradually lowering the block reward is to make the Bitcoin network self-sustaining in the long run, funded by transaction fees paid by users.

It is widely believed that the halving has a positive effect on the Bitcoin price. This makes sense because the reduction in new supply entering the market lowers selling pressure.

The table below shows the impact of previous Bitcoin halvings.

Halving Event Price before Halving Price after Halving Factor Increase Time after Half Price to Top
November 2012 $11 $1100 ~100x 1 year
July 2016 $500-$1000 $20.000 ~20-40x 1.5 years
May 2020 $9000 $69.000 ~7.67x

1.5 years

April 2024 $64.000 ? ? ?

After the recent halving on April 20, the reward is now 3.125 BTC per block. This indicates a continued positive prediction for the Bitcoin price, especially given the approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF and the growing demand for Bitcoin.

Although historically this has always caused "cycles" in the price of Bitcoin and logically affects the supply and demand ratio, there is no guarantee of a higher BTC price after the halving. It should also be added that the influence of the halving is getting smaller and smaller, as the number of Bitcoin coming into circulation through block rewards is getting smaller and smaller.

Can Bitcoin become worth 100,000 euros?

Experts claim that the price of Bitcoin will reach €100,000 in the future because of several macroeconomic factors. It emphasizes that Bitcoin price increases are primarily driven by demand and highlights two main triggers for price rallies: new applications and macroeconomic events.

Bitcoin will reach €100,000 in the future
  1. Macroeconomic factors : Experts claim that the next Bitcoin price rally will be largely driven by macroeconomic conditions. It points to the current global economic situation in which liquidity is shrinking due to inflation and expensive borrowing, leading to a shortage of funds for investment.
  2. Attractiveness of bonds : With rising interest rates, traditional investments such as bonds have become more attractive, making it less attractive to invest in stocks or cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.
  3. Monetary turnaround : The burden of interest costs is becoming overwhelming for governments, businesses and households, and this could result in a new cycle in which central banks may have to cut interest rates again.
  4. Central bank interventions : Central banks may be able to take measures such as buying government bonds under special conditions to maintain interest rates at higher levels, but these interventions could lead to an expansion of the money supply and weaken confidence in the monetary system.
  5. Bitcoin as a hedge : Bitcoin is seen as an ideal proxy for monetary expansion and a sentiment indicator for confidence in the system. It is expected to rise in value in response to increased liquidity and monetary easing.
  6. Correlation of Bitcoin with liquidity : Additionally, the Bitcoin price is heavily influenced by global liquidity. Bitcoin is predicted to reach a new historic high, possibly over €100,000, by 2025, driven by new players from Wall Street and Big Tech joining the cryptosystem and leading liquidity to Bitcoin.

So there is definitely a chance that because of these reasons, the BTC rate will go to €100,000, or higher in the future. On the other hand, no one can predict the future and there are a lot of risks involved that you need to be aware of when investing in Bitcoin.

Realistic predictions

The content on this page, including all cryptocurrency price predictions, is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended as financial or investment advice. Cryptocurrency markets exhibit cyclical patterns characterized by bull runs, where optimism and substantial investments can lead to significant price increases, and bear markets, where prices of even the most stable cryptocurrencies might plummet by 80-90%. While analysts and firms like DigitalCoinPrice may project continual market growth driven by persistent optimism and investment, the cryptocurrency landscape is inherently volatile and can change abruptly. Investors should not solely rely on the notion of uninterrupted growth but should also be aware of potential risks and market volatility. Predictions are therefore only made for projects with a substantial historical presence to ensure a more informed analysis. Always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.


The Bitcoin price forecast for the coming years shows an exciting outlook. With predictions of Bitcoin prices that could breach the €100,000 mark and above, the crypto space remains an attractive destination for both institutional and retail investors. The Bitcoin halving in 2024 and the adoption of a Bitcoin Spot ETF in 2024 promise to create new opportunities for price increases. Moreover, Bitcoin's role in the global economy will continue to grow, with institutional involvement and growing acceptance as a valuable asset.

The crypto market is developing rapidly, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The BTC price prediction is hopeful, according to experts. Still, buying Bitcoin always remains risky. So always do your own research before making an investment. Want to buy Bitcoin? Then take a look at our Bitcoin buying page.

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