Arbitrum (ARB) - Price prediction 2024-2030

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Mike Hesp
Mike Hesp

After the airdop, we saw a big sell-off. Within just one day the ARB share price fell 90% from 10.90 euros to 1.02 euros. After this, the price even dropped below 0.80 euros, but seems to be making a comeback due to several developments. What is Arbitrum and what is the price prediction for ARB token in 2024 and beyond?

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  1. Arbitrum prediction 2024
  2. Arbitrum price prediction 2024-2030
  3. Current ARB price
  4. What is Arbitrum?
  5. What is ARB?
  6. The Arbitrum airdrop
  7. Arbitrum price after airdrop
  8. Why is Arbitrum so popular?
  9. Realistic predictions
  10. Other price predictions


  • Experts predict Arbitrum will rise to €10.00 in the next few years
  • The next Bitcoin halving is scheduled for April 2024, in the past this has always had a positive effect on the price of altcoins
  • The upcoming strike programme makes it more attractive for investors to buy Arbitrum
  • One should never assume a prediction, the Arbitrum price can never be predicted

Arbitrum prediction 2024

Let's take a look at the Arbitrum price forecast for the coming year. According to DigitalCoinprice , Arbitrum's maximum price is predicted to reach €1,64 in 2024. The period from 30 October to 6 November 2023 marked a pivotal moment for the Arbitrum community. During this time, community members had the opportunity to vote on a key proposal regarding the implementation of an ARB strike mechanism. The outcome of the vote was clear: a strike mechanism will be integrated into the Arbitrum network, allowing users to earn returns from their ARB tokens. This development could ensure that there will be more demand for Arbitrum and thus the price could start to rise.

In addition, the Arbitrum Foundation's "Short Term Incentive Programme" has also been launched. This programme distributes around 50 million ARB tokens to 29 carefully selected projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

The combination of excitement around strike, the dApp funding programme, and the recent completion of Arbitrum Orbit, where developers can now launch layer 3 networks on Arbitrum, promises to give the project plenty of momentum in the coming weeks. This is a promising development as it increases the functionality and versatility of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

All in all, considering the aforementioned factors, Arbitrum's price may be positively affected in the future.

Arbitrum price prediction 2024-2030

Long-term price expectations are made for the ARB token based on algorithmic calculations. The price predictions are based on market sentiment and technical analysis. We want to underline that you should take the expectations with a grain of salt. Sentiment can change at any time and so can expectations. Below are DigitalCoinPrice's forecasts up till 2030:

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price
2024 €0,68 €1,46 €1,64
2025 €1,62 €1,77 €1,96
2026 €2,22 €2,44 €2,70
2027 €2,91 €3,27 €3,47
2028 €2,91 €3,27 €3,47
2029 €3,59 €3,84 €4,12
2030 €5,10 €5,55 €5,66
2031 €7,36 €7,83 €7,90
2032 €10,38 €10,79 €10,87
2033 €14,15 €14,65 €14,73

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2024

Market analysts expect the Arbitrum price to continue rising steadily in 2024, reaching an average of €1.46 , representing an increase of approximately 92.11% compared to the current price. Additionally, the planned Bitcoin halving in the same year could contribute to a maximum price of €1.64 , representing a surge of about 115.79% for Arbitrum in 2024.

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2025

Analysts anticipate that the Arbitrum price will surpass the €1.77 mark in 2025, indicating a surge of 132.89% relative to the current price. Furthermore, Digital Coin Price forecasts an average of €1.77 per Arbitrum.

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2026

Experts predict that Arbitrum is expected to rise by approximately 221.05% by the end of 2026, based on the current price. The average price expectation for Arbitrum in 2026 is €2.44 , representing an increase of about 221.05% , with the peak predicted at €2.70 .

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2027

Market analyses suggest that the Arbitrum price will reach an average of €3.27 in 2027, representing an increase of approximately 330.26% . The peak could be around €3.47 .

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2028

For the year 2028, it is expected that the price of Arbitrum will reach an average of approximately €3.27 , which is an increase of about 330.26% compared to the current price, with possible peaks around €3.47 .

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2029

It is predicted that the price for Arbitrum in 2029 will rise to an average of €3.84 , potentially rising to €4.12 , representing an increase of about 405.26% .

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2030

According to experts at DigitalCoinPrice, the Arbitrum price is expected to surpass the mark of €5.55 in 2030. With a current price of €0.76 , this represents an increase of approximately 630.26% . These data were updated on June 19, 2024. However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency prices can be highly volatile.

Current ARB price

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum One is a layer-2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain and is a scalable solution ( rollup ), allowing you to execute transactions faster and cheaper than directly on the Ethereum network. A rollup and thus Arbitrum is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and transactions are also performed on the Ethereum network. This means that with Arbitrum, you have to pay Ethereum gas fees to execute a transaction. The gas fees are a lot cheaper, because rollups allow to execute transactions outside the layer-1 of the Ethereum blockchain, but still store the data on-chain at layer-1. The protocol is a DeFi platform with a daily trading volume of more than $500 million. This gives Arbitrum over 12.8% of the daily trading volume what makes it the second largest DeFi platform after Ethereum at the moment.

Many well-known DeFi platforms use Arbitrum One , such as Uniswap , Aave, Ankr and OpenSea. This indicates that other parties within the cryptospace see a future in the protocol. In addition to Arbitrum One, Arbitrum launched Arbitrum Nova in August 2022. Nova is a new chain built with AnyTrust technology and is designed to scale the Ethereum blockchain even further. Arbitrum Nova reduces costs even further and is one of the most cost-efficient blockchains today. The chain focuses primarily on high-throughput dApps, making it particularly suitable for gaming-focused apps, as well as NFTs , tools, nodes and bridges.

What is ARB?

ARB is Arbitrum's governance token. The token enables decentralized governance by giving token holders voting rights for important decisions that may affect the protocol in the future. As mentioned earlier, transaction fees are paid with ETH. So these two cryptocurrencies have different functions within the Arbitrum ecosystem, but both have crucial roles in the operation of the protocol.

The Arbitrum airdrop

On 23 March 2023, the Arbitrum airdrop took place. During the airdrop, 635,000 of the platform's users were rewarded with ARB tokens. This is about 1 in 3 users of the platform. During the airdrop, 11.5% of the total supply is awarded to loyal users. 1.1% of the total airdrop will be owned by DAOs actively participating in the Arbitrum ecosystem. In total, there will be 10 billion ARB tokens in circulation, 56% of which will be owned by the community. So initially 12.6% will be put into circulation, and the rest of the tokens will be put into circulation at least a year later.

ARB distribution

Arbitrum price after airdrop

Before the ARB token was launched, there was a lot of speculation about the ARB price. Expectations were high because the platform has very high trading volumes, which can create a lot of volatility for the ARB token. There was a lot of speculation based on expected market capitalisation, hype and Arbitrum's Total Value Locked (TVL).Abitrum's airdrop is similar to Optimism's . Then, the OP token was launched using an airdrop. The total stock of OP tokens is 4.3 billion, of which about 315 million are currently in circulation. Twitter account 'hkm.eth' compares the airdrops and, based on the total supply, he expects the listing price to be between $0.5 and $1.

After the airdrop, ARB was immediately listed on major exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin and Kraken. In the first hour, the coin traded at a price of 10.90 euro. After that, we saw a big sell-off. Probably wallets that airdropped ARB tokens (partially) sold on exchanges and DEXs. The same day, a bottom of 1.02 euros per ARB was reached. A drop of about 90%.

Why is Arbitrum so popular?

There are several reasons why Arbitrum has become so popular in such a short amount of time since its launch in 2020. One reason is that it provides users with an improved experience when using Ethereum due to its faster transaction speeds and lower costs compared to what is available on the mainnet right now.

Additionally, it also offers increased privacy for those who want their transactions kept private since they are processed off-chain rather than being visible on the public ledger like most other cryptocurrencies out there today. Another reason why people have been drawn towards Arbitrum is because it helps reduce congestion on the Ethereum network which can lead to slower transaction times and higher fees during periods of high usage or when certain applications become popular overnight (such as DeFi). By utilizing off-chain technology, Arbitrum helps alleviate some of this congestion by allowing users to make transactions quickly without having them clog up the mainnet itself which can lead to better overall performance for everyone involved in using Ethereum’s network. Finally, one last reason why people have been drawn towards Arbitrum is because it offers an easy way for developers and businesses alike to build applications that utilize its features without having them worry about dealing with complex coding languages or other technical issues associated with developing applications directly onto Ethereum’s blockchain itself (which can be quite difficult). This makes it much easier for developers and businesses alike who want access all of its features but don’t necessarily have all of the technical know-how required in order do so successfully without running into any major issues along the way.

Realistic predictions

The content on this page, including all cryptocurrency price predictions, is provided solely for informational purposes and is not intended as financial or investment advice. Cryptocurrency markets exhibit cyclical patterns characterized by bull runs, where optimism and substantial investments can lead to significant price increases, and bear markets, where prices of even the most stable cryptocurrencies might plummet by 80-90%. While analysts and firms like DigitalCoinPrice may project continual market growth driven by persistent optimism and investment, the cryptocurrency landscape is inherently volatile and can change abruptly. Investors should not solely rely on the notion of uninterrupted growth but should also be aware of potential risks and market volatility. Predictions are therefore only made for projects with a substantial historical presence to ensure a more informed analysis. Always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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