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What Is Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

The Ethereum Name Service is an openly distributed naming service/system that is deployed on Ethereum’s main network. The ENS service converts difficult wallet code, to readable Ethereum addresses.

In the early days of the internet, things weren’t as easy as they are today. For the average consumer to visit a website, they had to type in the exact IP address. The domain names were not automatically matched to their respective IP addresses. In 1983, computer scientist Paul Mockapetris created the Domain Name Service (DNS). A system that matched the IP addresses with user-friendly domains. Paul’s invention allows users to simply type in the URL of the website, instead of typing out the entire IP address.

Now let’s translate this to the world of cryptocurrency. Be honest with yourself, do you type out your entire wallet address? Do you know it by heart? Most people just copy the address and do a quick check. The Ethereum Name service enables people to convert difficult addresses into easy domains. So instead of sending your Ethereum to a long strong of numbers and letters, you send your ETH to anycoindirect.eth

Since 2013

Anycoin Direct is officially registered with De Nederlandsche Bank and the Austrian FMA. In addition, we always implement the latest security protocols.


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With over 14.000 reviews on TrustPilot (average of 4.5 stars) and an official registration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Anycoin Direct is one of the most trusted crypto services in Europe since 2013.

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The Vault is a safe alternative to the traditional crypto wallet for those who want to buy, sell and swap their coins on Anycoin Direct. Within the Vault you can store all your digital assets and swap them against one another. Still want to send crypto to an external wallet like your Ledger? No problem, the Vault is an additional feature. The choice is yours. 


Balances in the Anycoin Vault, are kept in a foundation. This foundation has only one purpose, to preserve our customer funds. This construction ensures that customers are entitled to compensation in the unlikely event of Anycoin Direct's bankruptcy. In addition, we want to reiterate that we always want to give customers a choice between using the Anycoin Vault and sending coins to an external wallet.

Extra information about Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

How Is the Ethereum Name Service Network Secured?

Like the name suggests, ENS is built on the Ethereum network. With its transition to Proof-of-Stake, Ethereum has a new consensus mechanism, meaning that Ethereum Naming Service is also protected by it. Hacking the Ethereum network is virtually impossible as the Ethereum network has grown to a network worth hundreds of billions. The ENS network is as safe as can be.

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