How to verify your address by signing a message in your wallet

Step 1

Open your wallet

Open your wallet and copy your wallet address (receive address).

Step 2

Start a buy order on Anycoin Direct

Select the coin and the amount you are willing to purchase. Click on the green buy button.

Step 3

Enter your wallet address

During the buy order process, we ask for your wallet address. Paste the wallet address that you just copied in your wallet. Continue and click Verify now.

Step 4

Select personal wallet

On this screen we ask you what type of wallet you are using (the one you opened during step 1). You can choose between a personal wallet where you have access to your private key (for example: mobile wallet, software wallet etc.) and an exchange wallet where your address is connected to your exchange account. Select personal wallet and continue (exchange accounts do not support the message signing functionality).


Personal wallet = Ledger, Electrum, Exodus, Bitcoin Core etc.

Exchange wallet = Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Bitstamp etc.

Step 5

Select the name of your wallet

Depending or your previous choice, a list of commonly used wallets will be shown. Select the wallet that you are using. If the wallet that you are currently using is not shown, you can simply select ‘Other’ and type in the name of your wallet.

Step 6

Choose your verification method

Based on your previous choices, a selection of verification methods are shown. Select the ‘Sign a Message’ method and click on the green Continue button.

Note: The ‘Sign a Message’ option will be shown depending on your chosen wallet and whether it supports the Sign Message functionality.

Step 7

Follow the Message Signing steps

In the Message Signing screen, you will see the address that you entered and a unique code (for example ACD 1234). This code is case sensitive, so our advice is to copy the exact code by clicking on the copy button.

Step 8

Create your Signature

In your wallet, navigate to the Sign Message functionality (which usually can be found in the tools/settings/options menu). Enter or select your wallet address (if asked) and copy the unique code in the ‘Message’ field. Click on the Sign button.

Step 9

Copy the signature from your wallet

Step 9: Copy the signature from your wallet A unique code (which looks like a random set of numbers and letters) will be created after you clicked sign. This unique code is called a ‘Signature’. Copy this ‘Signature’, return to Anycoin Direct and paste it into the designated signature field.

Optional: Before continuing you can give your verified wallet address a name (for example My trezor wallet, or Coinomi BTC wallet).

Step 10


If everything is correct, your address will be verified and added to your Anycoin Direct account! For future orders, you can simply click on your verified address ensuring a safe and secure transaction.