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Polkadot is supported in the Anycoin Vault. Activate your Anycoin Vault in your account dashboard.

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Get access to Europe's easiest cryptocurrency platform in a couple of clicks. Residents from all over Europe, whether they are from the United Kingdom, Denmark or Switzerland, can set up their account. Once you have created your account, you can sell Polkadot instantly.

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Tired of hodling and want to sell Polkadot? If you send us the DOT, we will send the fiat currency to your personal bank account. From Polkadot to Euro! 

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  • Good stuff

    4 stars
    KYC is annoying but the transfer of crypto and fiat was done excellently. Very quick payouts!
    Eduard Timmers
  • Fast service

    5 stars
    Fast service, bought process was very easy. Identification needs only small time but is very good
    Carsten Hampel
  • Great Service

    5 stars
    Great Service! They helped as quickly as possible and stayed until the problem was solved. Purchases have been fluent and quick for several years now. Thanks a lot Anycoindirect! :)