Our service fee in short:

For all our coins, whether buying or selling, the service fee is a flat rate of 1%. In times of high volatility, the fee for memecoins / high volatility currencies is 2%.This streamlined approach ensures transparency and simplicity for all transactions. The fee encompasses the volatility risk of the purchase price and the discrepancy we face as a broker when fulfilling the order, along with the 15-minute time frame allotted for completing the payment. Despite this standard rate, please note that Anycoin Direct may adjust fees during periods of extremely volatile market movements.

How is the exchange rate calculated?

The Anycoin Direct exchange rate is based on the exchange rate of several different cryptocurrency platforms. Due to the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, we also take market fluctuations into consideration when determining the final exchange rate. We are very open about our fees and prices, so when starting an order, you will get an exact overview of all costs involved.

What is the Anycoin Direct service fee?

At Anycoin Direct we have implemented an open and transparent fee system where you can see the exact percentage we charge over each order. At Anycoin Direct, we believe transparency is essential to maintaining trust with our customers and partners. The fee overview can be seen in the order summary and is calculated separately for every order. This fee allows us to offer you the best customer care experience you deserve.

What is a cryptocurrency transaction fee?

A transaction fee is a fee for making transactions on a cryptocurrency's network. This fee is used to make sure that your transaction is added to the public ledger in a timely manner. In most cases: the higher the fee, the faster your transaction is verified. In many cases, this fee is referred to as a miner's fee. Anycoin Direct tip: always double-check if you included the correct fee for your transaction.

What are the fee's of each payment method?

Each payment method has a different fee. The fee overview can be seen in the order summary and is calculated separately for every order. All available payment methods and corresponding fees are shown when you place an order.

Why is there a time limit?

Due to the high volatility of exchange rates in the cryptocurrency market, transactions must be completed within a certain time frame. Your price is locked the moment you confirm the order if you do not complete the order within this time frame we are not able to offer you the same price. So stop reading and hurry up!

How is my new offer calculated?

Your new offer is based on two things: the exact amount of currency that was transferred and the current exchange rate. You can either accept or decline this new offer. If you choose to decline the offer, the transaction will be refunded.

What is the transaction fee?

A transaction fee is charged for each cryptocurrency transaction, so that it is included in the blockchain network. The busier a network is, the higher the costs are (this has occurred in the past with Bitcoin and Ethereum). There is no profit motive regarding the transaction fee. For every transaction, an adequate fee is sent so that it can rapidly be processed by the blockchain network. The exact costs will always be displayed in the order overview before the definitive payment takes place.