What is Tether USDT (ERC-20)?

Tether, also known on exchanges as USDT, is the biggest cryptocurrency that you have probably never heard of if you are just getting started with crypto. However, it’s one of the most important currencies that you should know about. Tether belongs to a type of cryptocurrencies that are known as ‘stablecoins’. As the name suggests, these currencies have a stable value over time and are also very useful when it comes to keeping the value of other cryptocurrencies stable. Tether doesn’t have its own native blockchain, it was first launched on the Bitcoin protocol via the Omni Layer and since then has migrated to several other blockchains. In fact, the majority of its supply currently exists on Ethereum. As of today, Tether has become an extremely important aspect of cryptocurrency.

Which Tether (USDT) wallets does Anycoin Direct recommend?

At Anycoin Direct we recommend the following wallets:

Be aware, that Anycoin Direct is not responsible for the usage of these wallets. Always do your own research!

Where can I track my Tether transaction?

You can find your Tether transaction in one of the following block explorers:

Enter your transaction ID, or TXID (which can be found in your order overview) or your wallet address in the search bar to locate your transaction.