Bitplaats becomes Anycoin Direct

Buying Bitcoins used to be a very long and complicated process. We wanted a simplified and more efficient alternative instead. And so in April 2013, we launched Bitplaats. It soon became a trusted and appreciated partner in the Dutch Bitcoin market. As a result, it mostly is the cheapest in the Netherlands and just like the cryptocurrency market, it is always on the move, changing for the better.

After receiving several requests from neighbouring countries, we knew what we had to do. In this rapidly changing market, going international was essential and therefore, in December 2013, Bitplaats was also introduced in Belgium. Due to constant developments in the cryptocurrency market, we received a number of requests for trading Litecoins and other cryptocurrencies as well. This is why we initiated the project On you can buy and sell Bitcoins very easily, safely and promptly. Our ambition is to offer the selling and buying process as fast and easily as possible to our clients, while never compromising on safety.

Today, we can reach every corner in Europe. In 10 countries across this continent we already have a potential sales market of more than two hundred million people. Due to the ever growing influence of the market, knowledge and technology, this is nothing but the very beginning of cryptocurrency in this part of the world. Nevertheless, in 2012 the Netherlands already recorded 10 million iDEAL users. The Belgian equivalent called Bancontact already had 15 million users in the very same year. In 2013, those using the European alternative Sofort concluded 50 million transactions across Europe. These numbers continue to rise. By offering different European direct payment methods (iDEAL, Bancontact and Sofort), from now on a large part of Europe will be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies directly. Upon successful payment, coins are sent directly to the coin address of your choice. And if you decide to sell cryptocurrencies to Anycoin Direct, money will be transferred to your account number usually within 12 hours (no more than 2 working days) after entering your order.

Anycoin Direct not only wants to reach people, but it also seeks to start a dialogue in order to continue to improve the cryptocurrency market. This is why we feel strongly about our community. In line with that we have implemented a number of discount systems our visitors are invited to use. For instance, comes with a Credit System. After you register your account, you will receive a welcome bonus. Also, your account has its own referral link. If someone you know decides to buy or sell bitcoins through your link, you will enjoy a discount on your next order. But that is not the only way to claim a discount. To mark our transition from Bitplaats to, we came up with a very special social media initiative. Like us through your account, and claim a discount for your sales and acquisitions on This is how we hope to take safe, transparent and straightforward steps towards a reliable cryptocurrency market.