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Anycoin Direct adds Cardano

Today we listed yet another promising project on our platform. After some extensive research and a lot of testing, we’re proud to announce that we now offer Cardano (ADA) on Anycoin Direct. Starting today, ADA can be bought, traded and sold on Anycoin Direct. Of course, you can also sell ADA and have the payout transferred to your bank account.

About Cardano

Cardano is a project with an interesting history. It was founded and launched by the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitshares, Charles Hoskinson in September of 2017 after two years of development. Together with Charles, the developers of Cardano felt that existing blockchains were too limited by design for scaling and creating smart contracts so that’s why they invented the Cardano project. The team is inspired by the peer-reviewed science world and that’s why every change and new feature on the Cardano blockchain is first reviewed by academics before implemented. Cardano is called a 3rd generation blockchain and it uses a Proof of Stake model called Ouroboros.

More on Cardano

  • The most well-known co-founder of Cardano is Charles Hoskinson who also co-developed Ethereum and Bitshares. 
  • The currency on Cardano is called ADA, named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century mathematician
  • The Cardano blockchain uses a multi-layer structure in where ADA operates on the ‘Settlement layer’. 
  • Every development of Cardano is peer-reviewed by a team of academics to ensure its success. 
  • The Cardano Foundation is the driving force behind the blockchain which supports the development of the network. 
  • A second research company called IOHK, which is connected to several Chinese universities, also supports the research and development on Cardano. 
  • Browse our guides to see which wallet we recommend for storing your ADA. 
  • For more details about Cardano read the latest developments here, or read the academic papers.

Our developments

Lately, we have been working on various different projects regarding the improvement of our platform and our services. With a lot of interesting developments still to come, it is also important to keep looking at interesting cryptocurrencies that are still missing on our platform. With the listing of EOS in May and Cardano today, we want to give our customers a wide variety of coins to choose from.

Want to learn more about ADA?

Read everything about it on our Cardano overview page.