Paul Hopmans

Crypto ETF - Will there be more in 2024?

In this blog article, we are going to tell you about the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Such an ETF can have a big impact on the still young crypto market if big players start to enter it. Will we get an explosion of ETFs in all kinds of other coins in 2024? Will we soon have an Ethereum ETF, an XRP ETF, et cetera?

Mike Hesp

Has the new bull run started? Or is it a fake out

In recent months, Bitcoin and the rest of the market have grown very rapidly. The total market cap has increased by more than 53% in one year. Now the question is whether the upward trend continues and we can speak of a bull run, or whether we are dealing with a fake out.

Ted Maas

Ethereum futures ETFs: a game changer for the crypto market?

With the positive sounds surrounding a Bitcoin ETF, rumors surrounding Ethereum are also logically emerging. For example, an Ethereum futures ETF is said to get the green light next week. But what exactly is an ETF and what is a futures?