How to buy Gulden

Step 1

Create an Anycoin Direct account

The first thing to do is to register an account, which can be done by clicking 'register' on the top right corner. The registration process is made up out of several steps, including entering your email, address and a safe password. You can continue to buy Gulden (NLG), now that your account has been created!

register on anycoin direct to start buying, trading or selling Gulden

Step 2

Prepare your Gulden (NLG) wallet

You need to have your Gulden wallet open and ready before you start buying your Gulden (NLG). If you do not own a Gulden (NLG) wallet yet, please visit our wallet overview page to see what Gulden (NLG) wallets we prefer. Remember to double-check the address in order to receive your Gulden (NLG) on the correct coin address.

open your wallet to buy Gulden

Step 3

Get into the flow

Now that you created your account and set up your wallet, you can begin your Gulden purchase. In the blue exchange bar, that can be found on the home, buy and sell pages, you can simply enter the amount of Gulden (NLG) you would like to receive or the number of euros you are willing to spend. Now, you can simply follow the instructions given by the flow to make a successful Gulden (NLG) purchase!

Exchange bar to buy Gulden