How to buy Qtum

Step 1

Create an Anycoin Direct account

First things first, you have to create an Anycoin Direct account using the 'register' button on the top right corner of every page. The registration process is made up out of several steps, including entering your email, address and a safe password. You can continue to buy Qtum, now that your account has been created!

register on anycoin direct to start buying, trading or selling Qtum

Step 2

Prepare your Qtum wallet

After having registered your Anycoin Direct account, the second step is to have your Qtum wallet open and ready. Please check out our wallet overview page to find a suitable Qtum wallet. During your Qtum buy order, always check whether you have copied the correct Qtum address before continuing the transaction.

open your wallet to buy Qtum

Step 3

Get into the flow

Now that you created your account and set up your wallet, you can begin your Qtum purchase. On most of our webpages, you can start the buying process by entering the amount of Qtum you want to receive or the number of euros you want to spend in the dedicated blue widget. Now, you can simply follow the instructions given by the flow to make a successful Qtum purchase!

Exchange bar to buy Qtum