• Step 1: Register or login your account

    Register or login at our website.

  • Step 2: Validate your phone number

    Validate your phone number with a text message in your account.

  • Step 3: Upload your documents

    Upload a high resolution copy of the folowing documents in your account:

    • Front and back side of your national ID or passport.
    • Proof of residence (a letter with your name and address on it).
  • Step 4: Start video chat

    When you have uploaded the documents you can add us as a contact on Skype. Our Skype name is: live:25c52d9894125f80. The compliance department will then start a chat with you for a quick video validation. In this video chat we have to see you and your ID or passport. After this your level will be instantly upgraded to level 5.


    Our Skype channel is for video verifications only! We would never ask you to send coins or money on Skype. Placing sell orders through Skype is something we would never do. There are currently imposters active on Skype that ask for money or coins. If someone in Skype asks for this information, please report them and contact us as soon as possible. Make sure that you only chat/call with our Skype username: live:25c52d9894125f80

  • Fully verified

    Your account is now instantly upgraded to level 5 and you can now use the payment method SEPA. In our FAQ you can find an overview of our limits.