How to sell Ethereum

Step 1

Create an Anycoin Direct account

To start your cryptocurrency journey, please create an Anycoin Direct account by pressing the 'register'button on the top right of our webpages. The only three things you have to do to register your account is verify our email, provide us with some personal info and create a safe password. After registering your account, you can start selling your Ethereum (ETH)!

register on anycoin direct to start buying, trading or selling ethereum

Step 2

Prepare your Ethereum (ETH) wallet

After registering your Anycoin Direct account, make sure that you have your Ethereum (ETH) wallet prepared. At our wallet overview page, you can find a list of Ethereum (ETH) and other wallets that we recommend. Before sending the Ethereum (ETH), always make sure to double check whether you entered the correct Anycoin Direct's wallet address!

open your wallet to sell ethereum

Step 3

Get into the flow

After preparing your Ethereum (ETH) wallet and creating your account, you can now begin selling your Ethereum. Use the blue exchange bar, which can be found on the home, buy and sell pages to start selling your Ethereum (ETH) by simply entering the Ethereum (ETH) amount you want to sell or the amount of euros you would like to to receive. By pressing the sell Ethereum (ETH) button, the flow will automatically take you through the selling process!

Exchange bar to sell ethereum