Payment Info

Am I allowed to use someone else's bank account?

No, you are not allowed to use someone else's bank account. You can only verify bank accounts that belong to you personally. If you use someone else's bank account for your transaction, the order will not be processed.

Am I allowed to use my personal bank account / credit card for my business transactions, and vice versa?

No, you are not allowed to use your personal bank account/credit card for your business transactions or vice versa. It's all in the name: you are only allowed to use your personal bank account or credit card on your personal Anycoin Direct account, and your company's bank account on your Anycoin Direct business account. Please note that we do not allow company credit cards!

Can I use a shared bank account?

Yes, if you are one of the owners you can use this bank account on our platform. If our automatic-check could not verify your shared bank account, you need to contact our support team with the correct documentation proving that you are indeed one of the shared account holders.

How do I verify my bank account / credit card?

There are two ways you can verify your bank account/credit card. Whenever you start a buy order on our website, we will automatically check if the bank account/credit card is registered to your name. If you want to place a sell order, you will need to transfer us a small amount so we can verify your bank account. This small payment will automatically be added to your account in the form of credits as soon as the check has been completed.

How long does it take to verify my bank account / credit card?

Based on the payment method you have chosen, the verification process can vary from instantaneous to a maximum of two working days. Please contact our support team if it takes longer than two working days.

This bank account or credit card is in my name, but it still hasn't been verified, what should I do?

It could be that the bank provided us with incomplete details. If you are sure the bank account matches your Anycoin Direct name, please contact our support team to resolve the issue.