Anycoin Direct introduces PayPal – Buy crypto within seconds

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Anycoin Direct
Anycoin Direct

We're excited to introduce a new payment method at Anycoin Direct that will greatly speed up the process of buying crypto. With a verified PayPal account, you can start trading within a matter of seconds.

Anycoin Direct führt PayPal ein – Kaufe Krypto innerhalb weniger Sekunden.

Why PayPal?

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal was never this easy. PayPal is renowned for its ease of use and high security, making it a top choice for online transactions. By adding PayPal to our payment options, we aim to simplify the process of buying cryptocurrencies. PayPal allows you to buy crypto instantly, without the delays commonly associated with traditional bank transfers.

In Europe, PayPal stands out as one of the most favored payment methods, boasting over 300,000 daily users. The highest daily usage of PayPal is seen in Germany and the UK, with France and Italy also ranking high on the list. This popularity underscores the convenience and trust that PayPal offers to users across the continent.

SEPA transfers during the weekend – no more waiting

One of the biggest advantages of using PayPal with Anycoin Direct is the elimination of waiting times. Unlike SEPA transactions (international bank transfers), which take longer, especially during weekends and holidays, PayPal transactions are nearly instantaneous. Now, you can buy crypto anytime and receive your assets within seconds. This is especially beneficial for those who want to take advantage of timely market opportunities.

How It works

  1. Log into your Anycoin Direct account.
  2. Select the crypto you would like to buy with PayPal.
  3. Select PayPal during the payment method selection.
  4. Make sure that you use a verified PayPal account with the same name as your Anycoin Direct account.
  5. Complete the payment and receive your coins.

 Start today and buy crypto with PayPal!

So, try it out for yourself ! At Anycoin Direct, we’re dedicated to making crypto easy, fast, and secure. With the addition of PayPal, we've got those three promises covered. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out — our support team is always ready for a live chat to help with any questions you might have.