Anycoin Direct adds Pivx(PIVX)

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Anycoin Direct
General Announcement
Anycoin Direct

We are happy to announce that we will be offering the opportunity to buy and sell the cryptocurrency PIVX (PIVX) at Anycoin Direct!

After multiple requests, we decided to add PIVX (PIVX) to our platform. From now on, you will be able to buy PIVX using all available payment methods on You can also sell PIVX and request the pay-out to be submitted to your IBAN or PayPal account.

PIVX: Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a transactional security and privacy-focused decentralized open source cryptocurrency. It means that at its core, PIVX is designed, engineered, and evolving with the best practices and developments to ensure your transactional security and privacy. The team of PIVX believes that in this modern age it’s time to allow individuals to exchange and use their wealth how and when they want, and in a private and verified manner.

Algorithm: Quark
Total coins: 43,166,500
Unique feature: Masternode protocol
Premined: 60k for 6 masternodes
Block reward: Blocks 2 - 151,200 250 PIV Blocks 151,201 - 259,200 50 PIV
Block time: 60 seconds