Anycoin Direct adds Stratis (STRAT)

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Anycoin Direct
General Announcement
Anycoin Direct

After multiple requests, we decided to add Stratis to our platform. From now on, you will be able to buy Stratis using all available payment methods on You can also sell Stratis and request the pay-out to be submitted to your IBAN or PayPal account.

The Stratis Platform is designed to make the development, testing and deployment of Blockchain applications easier, faster and more affordable. By developing Stratis in C# & .NET they are opening a door onto one of the largest development communities for business line apps. The Stratis team is creating a complete eco system around the Stratis platform.

Algorithm: X13
Coin supply: 98 million
Unique feature: POS coin
Premined: 98 million, 84 million during ICO and 14 million distributed among the development team
Annual inflation: 0,5%
Block time: 60 seconds

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