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Gas is now available on Anycoin Direct!
We are very happy to welcome Neo’s little brother Gas on our platform! From now on, you will be able to buy Gas using all available payment methods on You can also sell Gas and request the pay-out to be submitted to your IBAN bank account.

About Gas
You cannot talk about Neo without mentioning Gas, also called NeoGas. Gas is the fuel of the Neo smart economy network. It’s comparable with the Ethereum network and how their currency Ether is used to deploy contracts and do transactions. In contrast to Neo, Gas is divisible into smaller units up to 8 decimals. Neo is defined as a form of shares in the Neo blockchain contrary to Gas, which is defined as the network currency. Neo is building to become a network with many different dApps and side projects. Most of these projects are built on the Nep-5 token protocol. For deploying a Nep-5 token on the Neo network, you need Gas. Gas can also be earned by holding Neo in your personal Neo wallet. You will earn Gas for every Neo you hold in your wallet without the need of having your wallet open all the time.

Interesting features Gas

  • Gas is the fuel to the Neo smart economy network. You need Gas for transactions and for building dApps on the Neo network.

  • In contrast to Neo tokens, Gas tokens are divisible up to 8 decimals.

  • Gas tokens can be stored in any Neo address and wallet. Anycoin Direct recommends the easy and fast Neon wallet.
    Neon wallet:

  • Gas tokens can be earned like a dividend by holding Neo tokens in a personal Neo wallet. The wallet does not have to be opened for this, as with most staking cryptocurrencies. Calculate how much Gas you can earn by visiting the following website:

As you can see we are working hard to expand our selection cryptocurrencies on our website. We do get a lot of requests for specific coins to list but if you are missing a project that hasn’t been mentioned before, please let us know. As always, keep your eyes on our social media channels for all the latest news and improvements.

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