Gulden (NLG) added

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General Announcement
Anycoin Direct

We are happy to announce that it’s now possible to buy and sell the cryptocurrency Gulden (NLG) at Anycoin Direct.

After multiple requests, we decided to add Gulden to our platform. From now on, you will be able to buy Gulden using all available payment methods on You can also sell Gulden and request the pay-out to be submitted to your IBAN or PayPal account.

‘’Gulden is decentralized and completely open source. This means that the code is accessible to everyone so everyone can contribute to Gulden in their own way. Whether you are an experienced PHP, GOlang, C++, Java or Python developer, your help is always welcome. You can write code, fix bugs, discuss code or help development’’.

Algorithm: scrypt PoW DELTA
Total coins: 1680M
Premined: 170M (10%)
Block reward: 100 NLG
Block time: 150 seconds

Gulden (NLG)