Important security message concerning Ledger wallets

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Ted Maas
Digital Marketeer
Ted Maas

In July 2020, the database of Ledger got compromised. According to Ledger, known for their hardware wallets, personal information of approximately ten thousand customers got hacked. Two days ago, Ledger published that the damage was more severe than they thought as the personal information of 270.000 customers was targeted.

Ledger Hack

Personal information

The hacker made the data publicly on Raidforum, an online forum dedicated to buying and selling ‘hacked’ information. User Burgulema111 mentioned that he had over one million email addresses which he got from the Ledger newsletter subscription and data regarding 272.853 order transactions. This data contains email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers.

Now what?

We advise everyone that has purchased a Ledger hardware wallet to check out the website:

Here you can enter your email address and check whether your data was compromised in the hack. In addition, you can see other events or occurrences where your data was hacked. Now that hackers got hold of the information, phishing mails are already being sent to Ledger customers. Do not fall for these phishing emails and never ever share your 24 recovery phrase! Although they might seem like official communication from Ledger, the company would never ask for your PIN code or recovery phrase through email.

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