Introducing the new Anycoin Direct order flow

- 3 minute read

Ted Maas
Feature article
Ted Maas

In today’s feature, we are going to discuss our brand-new step-by-step order flow. Engineered to make the process of buying crypto as easy as possible, we created a system that a complete crypto beginner could use.

step by step anycoin direct flow

With our step-by-step order flow, we divided the process into smaller chunks. First off, you select the coin you want to purchase and the amount you are willing to spend. Our platform will ask where we need to send the coins to. Haven’t got a wallet? No worries, as our support assistant will give you an overview of all the wallets that we recommend. Once we know where to send your coins, you need to select your preferred payment method. Our interactive platform will showcase all payment methods currently available, plus all corresponding fee’s. Speaking of fee’s, every order will have a handy order summary detailing the amount of coins, the corresponding price and the exact fee Anycoin Direct places on top of your order. 100% transparency!

On top of that, you can now upgrade your limits while placing your order. For every step you take, we will provide you with all the relevant information and assistance you might need, resulting in over forty five different order flow combinations. Wow! This interactivity is what makes our new platform so user-friendly. Don’t believe us? Go check it out for yourself.

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