New coin listing: Chainlink (LINK)

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Ted Maas
Digital Marketeer
Ted Maas

Today we list a brand-new coin on Anycoin Direct: Chainlink (LINK). A top 10 market cap currency, that runs on the ERC-20 network. We are thrilled to add this great addition to the Anycoin Direct portfolio.

chainlink added


Chainlink connects real-world data with the ERC-20 smart contract network via so-called oracles. These oracles collect certain data (for example exchange rates or weather data) from website API’s and communicate this data to blockchains. The fuel that runs this entire network? The LINK token! Created by the fintech company, the currency was launched in June 2019. It didn’t take very long for the currency to reach a top 10 spot in terms of total market capitalization.

From partnerships with China’s Blockchain Service Network (BSN) to providing off-chain market data to Binance (DeFi platform), Chainlink has been on the move in the last 12 months. By being the bridge between external data sources and blockchains, the potential use-cases for Chainlink are endless.

Chainlink sources:

We are happy to add this new currency to our portfolio after quite some inquiries from our customers. In the upcoming months, we will add some brand-new blog articles regarding Chainlink and its Oracle features. Keep an eye out on our blog page and social media channels for the latest information.