Ontology & Ontology Gas are now available on Anycoin Direct!

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Anycoin Direct adds Ontology & Ontology Gas

We are happy to add a new pair of coins to our assortment. Starting today, Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG) can be bought directly with our newly added Credit Card option. The choice is up to you! These coins are both used on the same network. We have written a short summary regarding ONT and ONG in case you were not familiar with these digital currencies.

About Ontology
The Ontology blockchain uses a two token model (dual token), comparable to the NEO blockchain. Ontology (ONT) is the cryptocurrency which can be used for staking and voting. Ontology Gas (ONG) on the other hand is the utility token which is used for on-chain services like doing transactions and paying for the deployment of smart contracts. Ontology is a multifunctional public blockchain project with a core team of more than 90 members and is currently based in China.

Important aspects

  • ONT coins can be used for staking and voting on the Ontology blockchain. This means that owning ONT coins can be compared to owning shares in a company.
  • ONG is the utility token of the Ontology network and is divisible. It is used for doing transactions and paying for deployment of smart contracts.
  • ONG tokens can be earned as dividend by holding ONT coins in a personal wallet address.
  • ONT and ONG tokens can both be kept in the same Ontology wallet address.
  • To check out the wallets we recommend for ONT and ONG, please check here.
  • For more information on the Ontology project, please read the white papers: https://ontio.github.io/documentation/wp_download_en.html

Anycoin Direct’s Developments
With the addition of Credit Card payments and ONT + ONG, Q2 of 2019 is off to a great start. We have a lot more planned for our customers, so keep your eyes on all of our channels. Subscribe to our newsletter (you can do so in your account dashboard) if you want to stay updated regarding our latest news and developments._x000c_