Payment option SEPA added

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General Announcement
Anycoin Direct

The SEPA payment option allows you to buy cryptocurrencies by means of a SEPA bank transfer. To enable the SEPA payment option for your account, you have to upgrade your account to level 5 first. You can read the terms and conditions for upgrading to level 5 in our FAQ. Your first order will have a €100 limit, the second one a limit of €500. Following these, your limits will be further increased.

When you enter a SEPA order, you will directly access the order overview. Here you can see the amount you are to pay and the bank account to transfer it to. State your order-ID, which you will find in the order overview, in the description for the transfer. The order is finalised after you have clicked the “I have paid” button. After clicking this button the order can no longer be changed or cancelled. When your payment has been received (this may take up to two days) we will send the coins to the address you have stated.

Please note!

When you create a SEPA order, you enter into a purchase agreement with Anycoin Direct. This means we are entitled to recover any loss suffered when you do not transfer the agreed amount. In this case the SEPA payment option will be permanently disabled for your account and bank account number.