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Qtum is now available on Anycoin Direct!

We are very happy to welcome the multifunctional cryptocurrency Qtum on Anycoin Direct! From now on, you will be able to buy Qtum using all available payment methods on Anycoin Direct. You can also sell Qtum and request the pay-out to be submitted to your IBAN bank account.

About Qtum

Qtum is combining a modified Bitcoin Core infrastructure with an intercompatible version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), merging the reliability of Bitcoin’s unfailing blockchain with the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts. Decentralized applications and smart contracts can be deployed on the Qtum network, making it a multi-functional cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Qtum aims to establish an array of services, designed to bridge the still existing gap between blockchains and the business world.

Interesting features Qtum

  • Qtum is secured with a Proof of Stake 3.0 consensus algorithm. It is the first blockchain platform that combines proof-of-stake technology with a smart contract format.
  • “Go Mobile” is a core strategy of Qtum. They want to offer an infrastructure and functionality to support mobile use cases. This includes a mobile wallet, API and a framework for creating decentralized mobile applications.
  • The hardware wallet Ledger Nano S supports Qtum.
  • Qtum makes use of the advantages from both the Bitcoin (Core) and Ethereum (EVM) protocols. Because of this Qtum is already using SegWit and is compatible with both the Lightning Network and the Raiden Network.
  • For storing your Qtum tokens, please check our guide on which wallets we recommend.
  • For more information, you can click on the following link:



As stated in our last newsletter we are working hard to add a variety of new digital currencies to our platform this year. Beginning our roadmap with Ripple last month, we once again have a new project joining the family! If you have any suggestions please let our team know by opening a live chat at our website. As always, keep your eyes on our social media channels for all the latest news and improvements.

Want to learn more about Qtum?

Read everything about it on our Qtum overview page.