Affiliate Program

What are credits and how can I earn them?

Credits can be used as a deductible discount for your transactions. These credits can be earned primarily through a referral link, that can be found in your account under the Affiliates and Credits section. You can also earn credits by subscribing to the Anycoin Direct newsletter.

How can I use my earned credits?

Your earned credits can be used as a discount on your next order. In the order summary screen, you can select the option to use your credits. Business Account users or Anycoin Direct affiliates have the option to pay out their earned credits every month.

How do I become an affiliate partner of Anycoin Direct?

To participate in our Affiliate program for partners, you need to create a Business Account. After you have created this account, you can fill out our affiliate form on this page. Once approved, you become an official Anycoin Direct Affiliate. For further questions, you can contact our PR team ( and provide them with all the necessary information.

How does the affiliate partner program of Anycoin Direct work?

Once you have become an official Anycoin Direct affiliate partner, you will receive a unique affiliate link. This link can be used to attract new customer to our website. Every new customer that has registered through this referral link, will be linked to your account. From that moment on you will receive a commission on every order they place.

How can I payout my affiliate program credits?

In the Affiliates & Credits section of your account, you can request a payout once a month. All you need to do is click on the ‘Request Payout’ button. This payout will be transferred to your business’ bank account at your request.