What is the Anycoin Direct Vault?

With the Vault you can safely store all your tokens in one place. In the Vault, you can swap your coins seamlessly without paying the blockchain network fee. The Vault is, of course, an extra feature we want to offer to our customers. When placing an order, you can still choose to send coins to your external wallet.

Does Anycoin Direct forward data about my hodlings to the tax authorities?

We are not forwarding any data of our customers to (tax) authorities if there is no legal ground for this. It is your own responsibility to file your cryptocurrency holdings correctly when filling in your taxes.

Where can I find my Anycoin Vault?

Once logged in, you can find the Anycoin Vault in your account and the top right navigation menu.

Can I create multiple 'Vaults'?

It is not possible to open multiple Vaults as it is linked to your own personal Anycoin Direct account. However, all supported coins coin be traded in your Vault.

Does the Vault have transaction fees?

Yes, when you want to place an order, the service fee is incorporated in the price (per coin). This transaction fee is displayed per buy, sell or swap order. However, the blockchain transaction fee is not needed when using the Vault!

We charge a fixed fee and a percentage fee. The fixed fee for buy orders is €0,50, for sell/swap orders €1. The percentage fee varies between 1% - 3%, depending on the currency of choice and market volatility conditions.

Can I send coins from my Vault to another exchange (wallet)?

No, it is not possible to send coins to another wallet, exchange or Vault. The Vault is a closed ecosystem. Select ‘external wallet’ during the order flow if you want to send coins to an exchange or other external address.

Can I send coins from my wallet to a Vault address?

You cannot send/receive tokens within the Vault, as it is a closed system. You can, however, buy, sell and swap within the Anycoin Vault.

What happens if I lose access to my Anycoin Vault/Direct account?

Please complete a password or 2FA reset to regain access to your account. Contact our support team if these options are not possible.

How secure is the Anycoin Direct Vault?

Extremely safe, as it is not possible to deposit/withdraw tokens within the Vault. The closed ecosystem ensures that no external parties have access to the Vault. Safety is our top priority.

Why should I use the Anycoin Direct Vault?

With the Anycoin Vault, we can provide customers easy storage for all supported tokens in one convenient overview. The same service, but a bit smarter. A bit easier.

Where can I find the private key of my Vault?

You do not need to store private keys when using the Anycoin Vault. Secure access to your tokens and Vault is managed through your Anycoin Direct account.

Is it possible to trade coins with each other within the Vault?

Yes, this is possible, within your vault you are free to trade as much as you like.

What is Stichting Anycoin Direct Hodling Services?

Stichting Anycoin Direct Hodling Services is a special foundation that is responsible for storing our customers' funds. The foundation is instated to protect the customer funds from 3rd parties and offers financial security for customer funds.

I deposited x EURO in Bitcoin, but the amount shown is lower. How did this happen?

Anycoin Direct charges a small fee when you place a deposit order in BTC. This fee is deducted from the total amount. The amount visible in your Vault is the deposit amount excluding the fee. In addition, with the volatility of Bitcoin, it is possible that the BTC price has changed between placing and finalizing your order.