LUNA trading suspended (13-05-2022)

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Anycoin Direct
Anycoin Direct

Update Terra Luna 16-05-2022

As of 16-05-2022, customers are able to buy/sell Terra Luna. More information can be found here .

The Terra blockchain has officially halted at block 7607789, meaning that deposits and withdrawals for the Terra (LUNA) network were temporarily suspended on 13-05-2022. This blockchain halt means that LUNA can no longer be traded via Anycoin Direct platform.

LUNA and the Anycoin Vault

Customers can no longer place LUNA buy, sell or swap orders in the Anycoin Vault. Customers that are holding LUNA in the Anycoin Vault will receive the following compensation:

  • Anycoin service fees will be reduced by 50% for the upcoming month.
  • This fee compensation has already been activated for all LUNA holders.

We will not relist Terra Luna in the foreseeable future, meaning that buy, sell and swap orders will stay suspended in the Anycoin Vault.

If you have questions related to LUNA or this compensation, please reach out to our support team at or by opening a live chat on our website.